Molly Hampton's Life and Dreams

By molham1
  • Preschool

    I was a tomboy; I didn’t really like Barbies, I played with boys because the girls didn’t let me play house with them.
  • Elementary School

    Elementary School
    I met my best friend Maggie Quane. We are still best friends to this day.
  • Middle School

    Middle School
    I was a three sport athlete in middle school (McCracken Elementary). I played volleyball, soccer, and basketball. I only pursued volleyball in the future.
  • Neat Freak

    Neat Freak
    I began to become a neat freak. I cleaned everything and anything. This transferred to my organization skills.
  • Boyfriend

    I got my first real boyfriend. We dated for a year and I learned a lot about myself and what it meant to be with someone.
  • License

    I passed the drivers test and got my license!!! Everyone watch out...
  • Volleyball Nationals

    Volleyball Nationals
    I will travel to Nationals in Dallas, Texas with my club volleyball team. It will be the peak of my high school volleyball career. I'm sooooo excited!!!
  • Bucket List

    Bucket List
    I hope to find more stability through seeking happiness and a balance between work and recreation. I also want to make a senior Bucket List and complete it.
  • College

    I want to go to college somewhat further from home, study abroad, meet people, learn, and major in something I enjoy.
  • Post-College

    I want to graduate college and move on with my life. I buy a car and live in my own apartment in the city and have an enjoyable job that makes a decent amount of money to allow me to be self-sufficient and stable.
  • Dating

    I want to meet people, get to know them, and go on dates with them. This is a critical learning experience for me to understand what I like
  • Grad School

    Grad School
    I want to go back to school to get my masters or Ph.D. I want to make sure I can still balance and sustain my current/new life when I return to school.
  • Puppy!

    I want to buy a Husky puppy. They are my favorite kind of dogs!
  • Social

    I want to host parties and go out to bars and restaurants with my friends. It's important to develop a strong social aspect in your life.
  • Marriage

    I want to marry the love of my life. I hope all the people I love will attend and celebrate my happiness.
  • Money

    I aspire to make more money than my man. I think that will keep him motivated.
  • Family

    I want to have children, ideally two to three, and move into a house in a safe middle class neighborhood that is close enough to my sister and parents. This will help sustain close family relations.
  • Happiness

    I want to raise my family well and happy and know how to deal with troubles that arise along the way. This will create a postitive environment for success.
  • Vacationing

    I want to go on vacations with my family and spend money without worrying so much. This is how I was fortunate enough to live, so I'd like to continue that for my family.
  • Authority

    I want to move up in my job to hopefully gain a position of more authority. This will help me grow, learn, and be a role model for my children.
  • Children to College

    Children to College
    I want to send my children to college. This is important for them to learn and be independent.
  • Grandchildren

    I want to become a Grandmother and help nurture my grandchildren when necessary. This is an important family relationship to have.
  • Retirement

    I want my husband and I to retire. This will help us relax and plan our rather short yet adventure packed future.
  • The Final Move

    The Final Move
    I want to move somewhere warmer and easier to manage, but I don’t know where. I would say Florida, but I don’t want to be around other wrinkly people because Florida is full of old people and old people are kind of scary sometimes- especially when they try to act young. It's important to "live up" the senior citizen life.
  • Death

    I want to die peacefully with some sort of resonance with the ones I love. Ideally, I'd like to die fast, perhaps in my sleep.