The Best of Me in the Future

By QianxuG
  • My Present

    My Present
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Graduating from High School

    Graduating from High School
    I will have obtained my Ontario Secondary School diploma and graduated with an average of at least 95%. I was able to make this prediction because my ninth grade average was 96% overall despite having the subject of physical education significantly lowering my average.
  • Admission into the University of Waterloo

    Admission into the University of Waterloo
    I will have been accepted into the computer science program at the University of Waterloo. Although this is deemed as a very difficult task, my excellent academic performance in school will act as a huge help. In addition, my application which I will have published will act as a great extracurricular bonus for applying to a computer science major.
  • University Life

    University Life
    I will struggle with the increased stress level during my first year in university, but things will start clearing up for me after and I will be right back on track. I know this because it usually takes me around a year to adjust to a brand-new environment, like what happened when I moved from China to Canada in sixth grade. I will undoubtedly be doing well in all of my courses because I am a person who values her grades above practically everything.
  • Scholarships from the Euclid Mathematics Contest

    Scholarships from the Euclid Mathematics Contest
    I will have earned scholarships from the Euclid Mathematics Contest in high school which will help me pay for university tuition. I believe that this is achievable because in the Pascal Mathematics Contest (ninth grade equivalent of Euclid), my score ranked top 5.5% with absolutely no studying (oops). A ranking in the top 5% amongst all participants makes a student eligible for scholarships at UW, which I do not find too difficult.
  • Part-Time Job

    Part-Time Job
    Since I will be in university, I will only really have time in summer to earn money. I will be working as a summer camp counsellor each year. This job will be very fitting for me because of my passion for working with children and my 200 hours of experience in volunteering in this field just by the end of grade nine.
  • Co-op

    I will have joined the co-op program at UW starting my first year. Doing so will allow me to graduate with up to two years of work experience after six work terms, earn money to help finance my education, make valuable career contacts and explore possible career areas as an undergrad. This is where my organizational skills and responsibility will play a role in effectively managing all my tasks and quickly gaining trust from my co-workers and superiors.
  • Financial Independence

    Financial Independence
    I will be able to pay off any remaining debts (both from the bank and my parents) at this point. I will have been paid a considerable amount from two years of co-op followed by two years of working full-time.
  • Graduating from University

    Graduating from University
    I will have earned my Bachelor's Degree in computer science from the University of Waterloo. Although many people end up switching majors halfway through their journey in the computer science program at UW, I do not think that will be my case. There have been many examples of me persevering through difficult situations in the past, and I believe I can certainly do it again as long as I set my heart to the task.
  • Entry-Level Job in Software Engineering

    Entry-Level Job in Software Engineering
    After graduation, I will have gotten a job as a junior software developer at a company in the KW region like Manulife or Conexiom. I will most likely be met with success thanks to my Bachelor's Degree at UW as well as my co-op experience. I will also impress my interviewer with my punctuality, professionalism and my ability to think on my feet.
  • Improvement in Organizational Skills

    Improvement in Organizational Skills
    After going through five years of university (including co-op) and several years of working full-time, I will have tremendously improved in my organizational skills -- even though it is currently one of my weaknesses. This is bound to happen as many deadlines have to be met both in university and at work. Practice makes perfect, so I will have the ability to effectively manage tasks after numerous years of practice.
  • Promotion at Work

    Promotion at Work
    I will have been promoted to a higher position at my workplace in the first five years. Since some of my strong learning skills are initiative, responsibility and independent work, those working in managerial positions will quickly see my value to the company as a diligent and dedicated employee. My salary will increase with this promotion, too.
  • Challenge to Keep on Learning

    Challenge to Keep on Learning
    After working in the field of software engineering for nearly 10 years, I will have gotten used to my usual, and perhaps mediocre way of programming. Stability comes with certain drawbacks. For instance, I will probably be afraid to try new things because it may result in extra work or even failure to meet deadlines. This is where my willingness to learn and take risks become important factors in my career pathway as they help me to continue learning.
  • Become a Software Engineer for My Own Company

    Become a Software Engineer for My Own Company
    I will be ready to switch my job at this point. The mobile application named Trash To-Go which I am currently developing with two of my peers will be established into a not-for-profit organization by then, and I myself will join as both a corporate partner and a software engineer. With my high adaptability, I will quickly get used to my new work environment and working conditions. In my new job, I will be in charge of monitoring the performance of and making regular updates to the app.
  • Expanding Trash To-Go Internationally

    Expanding Trash To-Go Internationally
    As a corporate owner of the company Trash To-Go, I will also be responsible for making executive decisions regarding expansion. I will be working on developing a plan to expand our business to the United States 20 years from now. During this crucial period, my time management and decision-making skills can directly link to the company's success.
  • Acquiring Tax Incentives from Government

    Acquiring Tax Incentives from Government
    I, along with the rest of my team, will be collaboratively working on convincing the Canadian Federal Government to provide tax benefits to restaurants who choose to participate in the Trash To-Go program. I predict that our plan will turn out successful as the Canadian government is already conscious of the damage which we have done to our planet, as evidenced by the proposed plastic ban.
  • Some Food for Thought

    Some Food for Thought
    The work which I will be doing at this point in life proves that "change is constant". This is due to the fact that I will no longer be working as a software developer, but still working in a related field. Publishing the app Trash To-Go is one of my most important goals right now, and I used this projection as a way to showcase that there is always a way to use my skills to do something that I am passionate about even if the two are seemingly unrelated.