Asistant black belt

Ten Year Career Timeline

  • Birth

    On the 26th of November I was born in Newminister, British Columbia.
  • Period: to

    Ten Yera Timeline

  • Moved to Kenora

    In 2000, I moved from New westminister to Kenora, Ontario.
  • Moved to St. Thomas

    When I was 5 (just turning 6) I moved to St.Thomas from Kenora, Ontario (by Thunder Bay). I started grade one at Myrtle Street Public school.
  • Started Tae Kwon Do

    Started Tae Kwon Do
    I started Tae Kwon Do for the first time just before I turned 6 years old. Beofre in Kenora I did Karate, but I now prefer Tae Kwon Do. I still do and enjoy Tae Kwon Do today and my life would be different without it.
  • S.T.J.J.

    I started doing swim team for the St. Thomas Jumbo Jets (S.T.J.J.).
  • Myrtle Street Public School Closes

    My last year at Myrtle was in grade five because the school had to shut down since it was old and mold was being found.
  • Started school at John Wise Public School

    Started school at John Wise Public School
    In grade six I went to John Wise Public School since Myrtle Street Public School shut down. The school was brand-new and was created for the students who's schools had shut down (Elmdale also shut down so it's students went to John Wise too). The picture is of a school field trip to Niagra Falls.
  • Parents Divorce

    Parents Divorce
    My parents decided to split up. However this has changed me as a person, some better, some worse. If my parents hadnt divorced I wouldnn't be the person I am today. I've met new people whi are now family; Dwayne, Lindasy and Dylan Buhler. Also, Ganden. Isaac, and Lisa Rohrer.
  • Volenteer at the Y.M.C.A.

    Volenteer at the Y.M.C.A.
    I started volenteering at the Y.M.C.A. for Tae Kwon Do and to help teached the classes and help out which I am still doing.
  • Graduated Elementary school

    Graduated Elementary school
    I graduated elementary school in grade eight and also earned the history award.
  • Started Grade 9 at Parkside

    Started Grade 9 at Parkside
    I started grade 9 at Parkside Collegiate Institute (and dressed up like a hippe for Halloween).
  • Assistant Blackbelt

    Assistant Blackbelt
    I got my assistant black belt which I still have right now (have to wait a year before you can get black belt)
  • Went to my first comic-con

    Went to my first comic-con
    I went to my first comic-con earlier in 2013 in Ottawa. I got to meet Nathan Fillion off of Firefly, Castle and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Quit S.T.J.J.

    I have just quit swim team for the St. Thomas Jumbo Jets. I love to swim but I have found that with music lessons, Tae Kwon Do multiple times a week and delivering newspapers I don't have enough time to do swim team on top of all that and finish my homework at a reasonable hour in the day.
  • Get my first job.

    I want to have my first "real" job. Instead of delivering newspapers weekly I'd rather have a job where I get to work more than one time a week. So that I have more money to do more things that I want to do, and save for things I want or need.
  • Get my blackbelt (first degree)

    Get my blackbelt (first degree)
    After waiting over a year of having my assistant black belt (have to wait a year between assistant blackbelt and black belt) Im going to fibnally get my black belt.
  • Get my driveres licesnce.

    Get my drivers licence since I'll be 16 and able to drive.
  • Take My Life Guarding Course

    I want to take my lifeguarding course when I'm 16 (since you can only do it at 16 and over) so I can become a lifeguard at the St. Thomas Y.M.C.A.
  • Get my first car

    I plan to get my first car. I think I'll probably just get my grandpa's old car. I plan to go to comic-cons everywhere with my friends.
  • Go to comic-con

    I want to go to comic-con. Seeing as my friends and I will be 17, we'll all probably be able to drive.
  • Graduate Highschool

    In 2016 Im going to graduate highschool with my friends then go to University in the fall.
  • Second degree black belt testing.

    I plan to get my second degree blackbelt (second dan). The reason I plan to do it just over two years of my black belt tesing is becasue you have you wait a certain amount of years between each belt once you get to assistant black belt (which I am right now- have to wait a year). I want to get my second degree before I go to University (you have to wait 2 years between 1st degree and 2nd degree blackbelt).
  • Get a new job.

    When I go to University I'll need a new job because I probably won't be living in an area practical to have a job in St. Thomas. I'll need to buy things with my own money because my parents won't be around to help me buy things. They're also paying for University so they're already paying a lot too.
  • Start University

    I plan to start University later in 2016 so that I have the summer to get a job and become prepared because I could be far away from home. I either want to go for becoming a Specialist Physician or A Physicist and Astronomer. I'd probably stay in residence.
  • Get my first apartment

    I want to have my own apartment by the time I'm twenty because I am probably going to live in residence at University before that.
  • Continue University

    I plan to continue University. The jobs I want can take 4-6 years of Univeristy (Physicist and Astronomer) or 6-12 years of University (Specialist Physician). For the latter choice I would end up being 30 when I'm done my schooling!