My Life

  • Birth

    I was born on the 24th of September at Mercy Medical Center in Aurora, which is now called Presence Mercy Medical Center.
  • Baptism

    I was Baptised in a Roman Catholic Church in Chicago. Afterward, we go to my Granpa's house to celebrate as seen in the picture with some of my new presents.
  • I'm a Big Brother

    I'm a Big Brother
    I become a big brother on February 17th when my only brother is born at Copley Medical Hospital.
  • Starting Soccer

    Starting Soccer
    When I was five I first started playing soccer at a gym, where there were soccer lessons for small kids like me.
  • School Starts

    School Starts
    I start going to school when I am 4 years old. This is when I enter preschool at Todd Early Childhood Center.
  • I Join Kickers

    I Join Kickers
    After playing 3 years in recreational soccer I move up and began to play with Kickers Youth Travel Soccer U8 Team.
  • I Joined Rage

    I Joined Rage
    I left my old club behind (Kickers) and joined my current club Rage. This team is at a higher level and is an age group higher than mine.
  • SCET

    I was selected to enter the SCET program at Jewel Middle School.
  • Going to England

    Going to England
    I am selected from a soccer camp in Georgia to attend another soccer camp in London. The English Premier team West Ham United hosted the camp and allowed us to be trained by some of their coaches.
  • Manchester City VS Crystal Palace

    Manchester City VS Crystal Palace
    When I was at London for my soccer camp, we also went to see a Premier League game. Playing, was Man City and Crystal Palace with a final score 5-0 Man City.
  • Meeting Rooney

    Meeting Rooney
    After the English Premier Leauge star player Wayne Rooney left the Premier Leauge he joined D.C. United in the MLS and I watched him play against Chicago Fire.
  • Disney World

    Disney World
    I hope to join marching band next year, and if I do the band takes a trip to Disney World and I would be able to go.
  • First Job

    First Job
    I plan to get my certification for reffing. This will allow me to ref soccer games more frequently and get paid more money.
  • Driver's Licenses

    Driver's Licenses
    I plan to get my licenses and start driving around my birthday in 2 years.
  • Varsity Soccer

    Varsity Soccer
    I think that in my Junior Year of High School I will make the varsity soccer team at West.
  • Tour of Europe

    Tour of Europe
    I hope that in high school, I will be able to vacation to Europe and visit different counties and watch English, Spanish, and Juventus soccer games. As well, I would like to tour the monuments and other sites during the Spring Break.
  • I Graduate High School

    I Graduate High School
    After my 4 years of high school at West, if I haven't graduated in the Winter.
  • College

    As of right now, I am planning to go to Aurora University to get my bachelors degree in Medical Science.
  • New Job

    New Job
    When I am 22, I plan to work for some kind of Dentist as my first paying job for a Dentist and not an internship/shadowing.
  • Marriage

    I would want to get married when I'm 22.
  • World Cup

    World Cup
    In 2026 the World Cup will be held by (for the first time) three-nations, The US, Mexico, and Canada. Since the games will be held so close to me I would want to watch at least one game.
  • Becoming a Father

    Becoming a Father
    I would want to have my first kid when I am 24, for I do not wish to be too old when my kid is growing up that I am unable to do stuff but old enough that I have had time to enjoy myself.
  • Doctoral Degree

    Doctoral Degree
    I plan to attend University of Michigan School of Dentistry for the remaining of my school career.
  • A Dad Again

    A Dad Again
    I would want to have another kid at the age of 26.
  • Dogs

    I would love to have 2 dogs when I 30 that are already trained and are about 2 years old and are both boys. One would be a German Shepard and the other a Golden Retriever
  • My Own Dentist

    My Own Dentist
    When I turn 35 I hope I am Financially stable and will be able to start my own business.
  • Child's Graduation

    Child's Graduation
    When my first child turns 18 he/she should be graduating, so when I"m 40 he/she would have graduated.
  • Second Child's Graduation

    Second Child's Graduation
    My second child should be graduating this year when I am 43
  • Expansion

    When I am 45 I hope to have made more than one Dentist locations in my area.
  • Travels

    When I am 50 I hope my businesses are successful enough to the point I can leave for a bit and travel the world without my business falling apart.
  • Retirement

    When I am 65 I would like to be retired from my business and pass it along to one of my children or have given it to one of my trusted employees where I still keep part of the business but they run it.
  • Move Away

    Move Away
    When I retire I would want to move to another state, somewhere like Colorado or Utah.
  • Traveling again

    Traveling again
    When I turn 70 I would want to continue traveling the world.
  • Grandpa

    If I haven't been a grandpa yet I would hope to have been one by then.
  • Trip with Grandchildren

    Trip with Grandchildren
    If I have to wait to be 70 to have Grandkids then I will wait until I will wait until now to take them to Dinsey World
  • Retirement Home

    Retirement Home
    When I am 90 I would want to go to a retirement home that is near my kids.