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The Best of Me In the Future - U4A3A1

  • I've got a plan!

    I've got a plan!
    At age 16, I came up with a plan for my future, thanks to my on-line careers course. Let's see where it takes me through my future life.
  • Period: to

    Working towards University

    I will work towards completing high school over these two years. For me, successfully completing high school means finishing all compulsory courses, finishing courses that correspond with a university Psychology program (e.g. Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Data management, English, Biology) and getting accepted to a University with a strong psychology program. I will also write music in preparation for recording and getting an agent in university.
  • High School Graduation!

    High School Graduation!
    After graduating and getting accepted into a University of my choice, I will begin working towards my two main career goals.
  • First Day of University!

    First Day of University!
    The career opportunities begin! Time to start learning. But most of all, start working a part time job and writing/recording/performing my own music with a manager.
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    Learning, Writing, Recording, Singing, WORKING

    Through a part time job and working towards a PhD, balancing being a singer might be a bit challenging. This is when some big decisions may have to come in to play. Assuming I get discovered as a musician, I will take a year or so off of university to tour, write, record, etc... This will probably be after I complete my Master's degree in Psychology. Most universities allow up to a two year break from education before returning. If singing doesn't work out, then I will return for my PhD.
  • Take off!

    Take off!
    At age 24 (just under 8 years from now), I plan on being in the prime of my singing career, performing in large venues and recording and selling many records.
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    Stage name: Aria

    Here is the timespan that will be the most unpredictable. These few years are going to require the most resiliance and adaptability to change. As a singer, you are constantly needing to change your image, your music, your attitude, etc. to what your fans expect. For example, if I begin my career as a Pop singer, but the music industry changes from a large fanbase in Pop music to a large fanbase in another style of music, then to continue being successful, i will need to be able to adapt.
  • Woah nelly!

    Woah nelly!
    After six years of success, I plan on slowing my singing career down a little bit and starting a family. With financial help from the savings/ earnings I will make through my singing career, and hopefully from my future partner, I will be able to start a family with a solid financial foundation.
  • Period: to

    Taking a Breather

    During these couple of years I will betaking abreak from my career to hopefully start a family. During this time period, I will also continue to write music to sell to other artists. I will aslo write music for me to perform myself. This will allow me to spend time with and take care of my (hopefully) future child, as well as support myself financially along with my (hopefully) future partner.
  • Getting back on my feet

    Getting back on my feet
    After getting a good start on raising my (hopefully) future child, i see myself recording and performing music again. I might have to adapt my musical style for a more mature audience, rather than performing classic Pop music or whatever else will be popular. This is all a part of the constantly changing journey of my future career, and I will always be forced to change what I am doing whether I like t or not.
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    On and Off

    Throughout these ten years, I see myself performing, recording and singing. But I also see myself dipping in and out of the music scene to take care of my family. Also, throughout these ten years, I may experiment with a small acting career as many popular musicians do.
  • Final Concerts

    Final Concerts
    At age 43, I see myself slowing my (hopefully) successful career down so I can spend more time with family and relax more. This will allow me to be a bigger part of my life at home.
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    Blissful Living

    During these 5 years, I plan on relaxing after slowing my career down. I will be supported financially through my savings from my singing career and also the work of my future partner. I will also attempt towards some small acting roles to earn money and have fun. As well as doing small performances for remaining fans and for earning some extra money.