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ident production log

  • day 1 begining of experimental phase

    today i begin my experiment phase of my ident project where i will focus on design in flash to try and perfect my animation skills to produce the ident. this lesson/sesion was productive to an extent as i found out what program to finally use and i found out what images i wanted to use however it wasn't as productive as it can be because i spent so long in a program i werent going to use and so long photoshopping and the pictures still werent perfect.
  • day 2 of ident experimentation

    today i will finish my ident experimentation for the phase 1 of testing and if i have time i will start some preproduction paperwork. Today hasn't been the most productive lesson as even though i got further and completed my ident phase one test i got stuck so it took a long time. I then began to move onto some pre production paper work and by the end of the lesson i managed to fill in most of the call sheet.
  • pre production day 1

    today i intend to fufill a number of preproduction tasks such as shooting script, script, call list, location recce, release agreement and location release agreement. Today I have acheived my goal of producing and finishing off outstanding pre production work i also fine tuned my proposal. the call sheet, requirments sheet, risk assessment, contact details sheet, location release and release agreement are all finished.
  • preproduction day 1.5

    today i discovered that i havent actually fully finalised my idea and as a result of that im going to have to go away and focus and think more about my idea interms of what im going to include in it and how im going to produce the finished product.
  • pre production day 2

    today i intend to finish any outstanding preproduction work like the gnatt chart budget form and a script if it is deemed necessary. I also intend to try and find some actors/artists to film for my ident.
    Today i have been succesful in completing all outstanding preproduction work so that next lesson or the next free time i have i will begin filming my artists/talents.
  • back to day 1

    today went rubbish i found out my idea was not very good so now i have to go back to square one and redo everything like storyboards, concept drawings, proposal, initial ideas, developed ideas and feasiability study of the idea. This is incrediably ennoying but unfortuantly it has to be done as its part of the production process. I feel like ive wasted weeks and im very ennoyed.
  • pre production finish and test footage

    today i finished most of the production work related to my new idea such as the initial idea developed idea and proposal. i also finished off the requirments and storyboard so im at a stage where i can film and so i also conducted some test footage of 3 of the letters for the ident. so it was a very productive lesson.
  • test footage day 1

    today i began to film more test footage which was quite succesful as i began to get a picture of what my ident will look like. i filmed test footage for the letters l l and a which is about a 1/3 of the letters i need. i also thought more about how im going to fit these letters togeather to make the new logo.
  • editing test footage day 1

    Today i plan to edit togeather my test footage so i can get an idea of how my idea looks then i know if it is effective or not. I also plan to start thinking through the real shoot so it goes even smoother then the test footage. I have succesfully edited my test footage togeather and i now know how it will look in the final ident. I also now know what i need to improve in the final shoot which is the focus and the camera shake. now i am planning for the props/equipment i need for the final shoot
  • part 2

    never got to refilm the letters that werent of a good enough quality for the final ident. however i will complete this next lesson as i will get the camera equipment asap.
  • Finishing off test footage and begining film final ident

    today im going to finish off my test footage and film the missing letters so i can have a complete edit in order to get an exact picture of how it will look. I will also refilm some of the footage then edit togeather to begin to make the final ident as the deadline is approaching. Today hasn't been the most productive lesson mostly due to not being able to obtain the camera equipment asap so as a result i did not finish filming my footage. i only got to film two of the 5 missing letters and i
  • editing test footage and filming last letters

    today i am going to be completing the editing of my test footage and some of my final footage so i can show people and get feedback. i will also be filming the last 3 remaining letters that either still havent been filmed or need to be refilmed which is a, v and l. Currently i have completed the edit of my test footage and some of my final footage. I have now completed filming for the letter l, a and v. so today has been very productive as ive completed the goal i set myself.
  • final edit

    today i will be finishing of my final edit for my ident so its ready before the deadline which is good as i can focus on evaluating the ident. once ive finished the edit i will upload it to youtube. Todat was fairly productive as i managed to finish a final edit however i havent uploaded to youtube as i came up with three different versions so im still deciding what ones the best to use.
  • final edit day 2

    today i have edited a 4th draft of the ident so that there is more option to choose from and it was to try and improve draft 3. i have also uploaded the other 3 drafts to youtube so i can get feedback to improve them ready for the final product
  • Final Ident Completed

    Today i decided that my final ident will be draft 4 based on my own opinion and from feedback i got from class mates and teachers.