Salon 1

La Push Time line

  • Day 1: La Push, Forks, Washington

    9:15 Leave home drive to Arco gas station$2.75/gallon 15.00/2.75+0.559=6.01 gallons 6.01x13miles/gallon= 78.17 miles, enough to get me to Port Townsands to fill up my car (
  • Day 1: Destination 2

    WSDOT Coopville Ferry, cost= $10.33 for one person. Ferry will bring me to Port Townsand across the water. (WSDOT.COM
  • Day 1: Destination 5 New Day Cfe

    New Day Cafe, prices are just normal two doller singns. ( Yelp.com I will be getting Eggs, Fruit, and toast which will cost me $9.33 after tax(0.5589)
  • Day 1: Destination 6 La Push Wahington

    On the road to La Push, Forks. This will take 1 hour 24 min, I will need to get to Slight left onto US-101 W/E Lauridsen Blvd for 53.8 miles , and then Turn right onto WA-110 W/La Push Rd for 13.2 miles, Turn right onto Alder St 446 ft, destination is on your LEFT La Push Washington !
  • Day 1: Surfing Time

    Throw on my wet suit and grab my board and im running out to the water to spend about 3 hours out in the water.
  • Day 1: Hike

    Wake up and walk to the gas staion just right down the path way and pick up a bag of apples, $3.99=0.5589= $4.54, Peanut Butter 2.99+0.5589=$3.54, 3 Gallons Water $1.99+0.5589= $2.54x3= $7.52 . Time to pack it all in my back and start my hike for Olympic National Park Second beach. Have lunch and hike on back.
  • Day 1: Lunch Break

    Apple Peanut Butter and a good amount of water
  • Day 1: Meet A Group

    Go to my motel and take a shower and throw on some comfortable clothes. Walk down to the sandy beech and have a huge fire until the end of the night.
  • Day 1: Destination 4 Port Angeles

    Drive to Port Angeles for 1 hour 7 min, 1.) 300 ft turn left onto Water St. 2.) 2.0miles at round about take the second Exit W Sims Way 3.) 0.3 miles at round about take seond exit w slims way 4.) 2.5 miles turn right onto state rout 20 5.) 7.8 miles Turn right onto US Highway 101 5.) 34 miles Turn right onto N Lincoln St. 6.) 350 ft Turn Left onto E Railroad Ave. 7.) 350 ft destination is on your right. Then 2 min= 0.1 mile away from us is the first destintation where i will be eating. (
  • Day 1: Destintation 7 La Push Wshington Arrival!

    ( ) La Push Indian Resort, I will be staying in T- bird 102-106 which cost $239.00 per night i will be staying for 3 nights so i will be paying $717.00 up front. ( that link is the link to the price rate sheet
  • Day 1: Setlle in my room

    I will settle in my room for about an hour and take a nap.
  • Day 1: Destinstion 3 Safeway gas

    Safeway( gas station because is the cheapest gas in port townsand $2.93/gallon, i will be getting $30.00 worth of gas (40.00/3.489= 11.46 gallons of gas + $10.00 put in previously in Oak Harbor Washington) I now have 14.89 gallons of gas in my car which will get me to my destination.
  • Day 2: 9:00 am

    Wake up and eat a apple and peanut butter and drink some more water. Walk down to the Gas sation and get me a black coffee .99+.559= $1.54 I will be doing this for the nect 2 days and i have about 2 a day of the coffee so i will be spending $6.16 total for coffee
  • Day 2: Walk

    Time to take a walk to the beach caves which are for about 3 miles there and then 3 miles back.
  • Day 2: Lunch time

    Lunch time i will go to a local indian home and get smoked salmon. which i will get 2 big pieces of fish that will last me 2 days thats i am there. This will csst $10.00 for two.
  • Dat 2: Surf

    Get back out to the waves and surf some more and hang out out with some people.
  • Dat 2: 8:00 pm dinner time

    Eat some salmon and frink the rest of my water, then walk down to the fires agiain and spend some time with travelers.
  • Day 3: Wake up 10:00 am

    Relax day wake up for the Sun set and have a painting session of the sun set. Have another apple and some peaut buter.
  • Day 3: Hike to the cliffs

    Need to get another gallon of water form gas station ad then i will drive 0.2 miles to my next destination the rock ckiffs. When i arrive i will sit threre and enjoy the peace and quite
  • Day 3: Time for lunch 2:00 pm

    I will eat more of the salmon and water at my motel cabin room
  • Day 3: Surfing

    After lunch and a quik nap i took I will get on my wet suit and goto the water and surf.
  • Day 3: Surf Class

    Taking a surf class with a native indian and he charges $10.00/ hour and i will go for two $20.00 total. (ENTERTAINMENT)
  • Day 3: Dinner time

    Eat some salmon and water, and go to the gas station and pick me up a treat like a peace tea which cost .99 cents. (
  • Day 4: Wake up 10:00 am

    Get all my things packed up and ready to go, take a shower. Eat some apples and peanut butter
  • Day 4: On my way home

    Getting gas at Tesoro gas station, cost is 3.89/ gallon. I will need atleast 30.00 worth of gas (30.00/3.89+0.559=8.27 gallons = 8.27*13 miles/gallon= 107.52 miles i will be able to reach will get me too Port Angeles. (
  • Day 4: Port Townand Ferry

    Ga station, Safeway $2.93/ gallon $20.00/2.93+0.559= 7.38x13=96.00 miles i will be able to get to Oak Harbor Washinton
    4:15pm Reservations cost will be $10.33 (
  • Day 4: Port Angeles

    Going to get somthing to eat from Michael's seafood and Steak house, Located in the heart of downtown Port Angeles at 117B East First Street. Prices are high, but this is my last meal until i get home. I will be having the Mixed grill dinner for $29.99. No tax. This serving of food will be good for me to have for left overs as well for the ferry ride back home. (