2011 12 30 220309

deante life

By deadun1
  • swag star

    swag star
  • playing basketball with jordan

    playing basketball with jordan
    jordan is one of the best baskeball ball players ever to live so how cool would it be to play with him in the game you love .
  • i wanted to be a pro gamer

    i wanted to be a pro gamer
    i love to play video games and one of my friend told me that pro gamers get paid alot so i thought that would be a grate job for me doing somthing i love.
  • basketball team

    basketball team
    when i was in 5 grade i wanted to be on the basketball team so i could play.
  • middle school

    middle school
    i allways wanted to get out of grade school i wanterd to be a big kid that go to switch class and not sit in the smae class all day.
  • nileswest

    i wanted to play basketball and football on a sophomore level. i got the chances to play sophomore football.
  • niles west athletics wall

    niles west athletics wall
    i want to be on the niles west athletics wall. if i am on the niles athletics wall my picture well be there for a long time then when i am older i could go back and see it.
  • teach

    i want to teach both of my kids how to play basketball so i couuld share with them the game i love growing up as a kid.
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  • football

    i want to play varsity as a sophomore. if i play as a sophomore that would be good that mean i am good for a sophomore to be on varsity.
  • all confrerence

    all confrerence
    i want to be a all confrerence basketball or football player. if i go all confrerence it would look good for future college.
  • university illinois

    university illinois
    the university that i want to go to is the illinois university . the reason i want to go there is they have a good football team and the former wolf RASHARD MENDENHAL went to that college.
  • graduation

    i want to graduation from college so my famly could see me do something good.
  • nfl draft

    nfl draft
    i want to go to the nfl draft even if i dont get pic how cool would it be to say that you almost went to the nfl and you can try it another time.
  • job

    i want to have a job that pays good. the reason i want to have a good job so i could pay my rent and be able to by my self what i want.
  • cancun

    who would not want to go to cancun for springbrake. i want to go there s i could meetsome girls!!!!.
  • kids

    i want to have two kids so when i die my kids could still have my last name and carry it on.
  • to watch my kids graduation

    to watch my kids graduation
    i want to watch my kids graduation from 8th grade so i could know that my kids are almost grown up and are in high school.
  • diffrent

    i want to go to a diffrent country. the reason i would do that is i want to see how other pepole live in diffrent parts of the world.
  • family business

    family business
    i want to start a sucfful family business so when my kids get older they could be the owners of the compony and have wealth.
  • basketball

    i want to play in a 40 year old basketball leudge so i could stay in shape.
  • 401

    i want to get my 401k check so i could get so many presents for my garndkinds. . and i want that money that i worked hard for
  • superbowl

    i want to go to a super bowl game that would be so cool to be at a game that most peple in us are watching but your watching it live.
  • cool

    i want to go to a rap concert with my kids so i could still show them i am a cool dad.
  • dead end

    dead end
    my last day on the earth i want to die in my sleep so i could feel no pain and i can stay sleep...