Elizabeth's Goals

By elitsi1
  • Period: to

    100 years

  • Ride a Two Wheeler Bike

    Ride a Two Wheeler Bike
    When I was 6 years old, I wanted to learn how to ride a two wheeler bike. All my friends knew how to and I was getting there with my tricycle. Finally, when I learned got a pink two wheeler bike.
  • Get a Puppy.

    Get a Puppy.
    When I was ten, I wanted a puppy for my birthday. I really loved puppies because I thought they were the cutest animals and looked so friendly and playful. I especially wanted a labrador because of the Nintendogs game I played on my DS.
  • Make the Volleyball Team.

    Make the Volleyball Team.
    When I was 12, it was the first year we could try out for sports at my middle school. I decided to try out for volleyball because I loved the sport and my some of my friends played too. I thought it would be an exciting experience.
  • Graduate Middle School

    Graduate Middle School
    When I was 14, all I wanted was to graduate middle school in the High Honor Roll because i thought it was a great accomplishment to be recognized for outstanding work. I also wanted to graduate with straight A's.
  • Make the Tennis Team

    Make the Tennis Team
    In the summer before freshman year, I tried out for Tennis because I wanted to play a different sport that I hadn't played much. I took lessons for a few years, but I decided to play for school and it was the best decision I made because I love tennis.
  • Get Straight A's

    Get Straight A's
    This semester, I really want to get straight A's because I haven't done so yet and I believe it could happen. I will put it effort and time to do so because I believe I could do it.
  • Get a good score on the ACT

    Get a good score on the ACT
    When I'm a Junior, I really want to score at least a 28-31 on my ACT because I want to get into a good college. I want to have a variety of choices on which college to choose so I will be less stressed.
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    When I'm a Senior, I want to graduate high school having been a Varsity Athlete. I also hope that I keep my GPA up to get into NHS because that will look good for college.
  • Part Time Job

    Part Time Job
    By age 19, I hope to have a part time job at Nordstrom or another department store because i want to make some money and start paying for college and other things.
  • Graduate College

    Graduate College
    By 21, I hope to have graduated college so I can start a career that I enjoy and hopefully pays a lot of money.
  • Have attended a Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears Game

    Have attended a Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears Game
    By age 22, I hope to have been to Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears games with friends and family. I want to experience what professional sporting events are like and how exciting they are.
  • Travel

    By age 23, I hope to have a boyfriend because I want to travel together to countries in Europe and also go on road trips. I think it's cool to visit new places and learn new things.
  • Get Married

    Get Married
    I hope to get married by the age of 26 because I want to spend the rest of my life happily with my husband. Also, I think it's a good age to get married.
  • Buy a House

    Buy a House
    I hope to buy a house in the Chicagoland area or close to the city with my husband. I really love Chicago because it's a beautiful city and there are so many things to do and places to visit.
  • Travel and be adventurous

    Travel and be adventurous
    I hope to travel and go on adventures with my husband and kids. I want them to have fun and explore everything there is in the world. I think it's important to learn about different places and open my mind up to new things.
  • Have traveled to 4-5 continents

    Have traveled to 4-5 continents
    I want to have traveled to 4-5 continents by the time I'm 50. I think it would awesome to expore different places and cultures all around the world. I think it would be an extraordinary experience that I've always dreamed of.
  • New Car

    New Car
    By age 55, I hope to be able to afford and drive a new car that I really like. I think I will have worked hard enough to deserve such a luxury.
  • Charity

    By age 60, I hope to start a charity for those who are less fortunate and have diseases or disabilities. I think it's important to be thankful for what we have and try to help other people in need.
  • Retirement

    By the age of 65, I hope to have a million dollars saved in my IRA(Individual Retirement Account) so I can spend the rest of my life stress free without the need to worry about having enough money.
  • Summer House

    Summer House
    By the age of 66, I hope to have a summer house/place to stay for vacations on an Island in Greece. Greece is my favorite place on earth and it would be a dream to live there during the spring or summer.
  • Grandchildren

    Around the age of 70, I hope to have granchildren so I can play with them and teach them things. I want to babysit for them and tell them stories.
  • 100 years old

    100 years old
    I want to live a healthy and happy lifestyle up to 100 years old. I think that will be the biggest blessing in my life if I live to be 100 years old without any problems along the way.