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Best of Me in the Future

  • Now

    I will be soon entering into highschool as a grade 11 student. In order to achieve my career goal as a neonatologist, I am planning to take grade 12 University courses in the future that are required in University of Toronto's Biology for Health Sciences program. These courses include including 12U English course, 12U Biology, 12U Chemistry, and 12U Calculus and Vectors. Since I am currently in the International Baccalaureate program, I will obtain these courses in an IB format.
  • Now (2)

    Now (2)
    Since I am in the International Baccalaureate Program, my courses are pre-planned and I ensured that my course requirements will be fulfillied. I have set personal academic goals such as maintaining an above 90% mark in all courses and to broaden my volunteering to the field of health. My extracurricual goals is to expand my extracurricular to enhance my communication, leadership, creativity and critical thinking skills - skills necessary in being successful in the medical field.
  • Now (3)

    Now (3)
    In order to prepare myself for the independance and self-reliancy in a University-life environment, I will need to develop all my learning skills and work habits. My future career's job outlook is currently growing steadily in demand. Learning oppurtunities I may face include medical internships, participating in health-related science fairs/competitions.
    Decisions I make now will cause a ripple effect into my future. It is important that I make the right decisions and follow the High 5 message
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  • In 5 year's time (4)

    In 5 year's time (4)
    Although my parents agreed to pay for my annual tuition fee ($11,650) and cost of living (books, supplies and incidental/ancillary: $3,076), I would like to be more independent and in-control of my finances as a young mature adult. I will work part-time through U of T’s Work-Study program, will apply for a scholarships, the OSAP and the UofT Advance Planning for Student financial aid. I will use my artistic hobbies (painting & design) to make money from commission work.
  • In 5 year's time (6)

    In 5 year's time (6)
    I have also researched a contingency plan and a educational oppurtunities for my plan to go into the Biology for Health Sciences program. I may consider to embark in the 4-year U of T's Forensic Sciences Honours program and double major. Although the high school requirements includes 12U Advanced Functions and a recommended 12U Physics, I will be able to accomplish these through my pre-planned IB course program.
  • In 5 year's time (7)

    In 5 year's time (7)
    As a forensics major, I will still be able to attend Medical School, will still need to study hard for the MCAT exam, and will still need to set personal academic goals of maintaining at least a 3.8 GPA Average. An advantage to studying Forensic Sciences is that I can become a forensic scientist (contingency plan) right after graduating and obtaining my Bachelor in Forensic Sciences. The program will also teach me scientific analyses, theories, lab skills, application and field techniques.
  • In 5 year's time (5)

    In 5 year's time (5)
    To reduce student debt/cost of living I will not be living in-residence at the University campus. Instead, I will rent a small condo suite with my friends/roommates. I will be dependant on my self-work, self-regulation, responsibillity, organization and collaboration skills.
  • In 5 year's time (1)

    In 5 year's time (1)
    In five year's time, I will be 21 years old and in my junior (third) year of university. I will be studying courses such as Neuroscience, Cell, Molecular and Biotechnology, and Genes and Behaviour. I will almost be finished my Honours Bachelor of Science degree. In 5 year's time, I will be intensely studying for the MCAT exam - the critical entrance exam to enter into Canadian Medical schools. Therefore, I will not be able to be responsible/participate in more than 4 extracurriculars.
  • In 5 year's time (2)

    In 5 year's time (2)
    In order to ensure that I will receive my Honours Bachelor of Science degree, I will work very diligently/hard to get at least a 3.8 GPA average. I will attend lectures, labs, and other course requirements. Since I am seeking to attend the renown Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine I will have to work very hard to ensure that my MCAT score is the best that it could possibly be. I will be qualified to attend the Medical School because after graduating from U of T, I will have 30 U credits.
  • In 5 year's time (3)

    In 5 year's time (3)
    Although the Michael G. DeGroote's School of Medicine has the lowest Canadian acceptance rate, is highly competitive and requires a Bachelor degree, strong undergraduate GPA and strong MCAT scores (especially the verbal component), I believe that I would make a successful candidate because of my hard work in my undergraduate courses, my part-time work component of my resume and my mature learning skills and work habits.
  • In 10 year's time (1)

    In 10 year's time (1)
    In 10 year's time, I would be at Montreal Children’s Hospital (in joint with Mcgill University) practising my first-year Pediatric Residency. I would be 26 years old. The Residency Program will expose me, a recent Medical school graduates, with a range of pediatric subspecialties through teaching conferences, daily lectures, hospital night shifts, and “hands on” work in the clinic, inpatient wards, the emergency department under a closely supervised environment.
  • In 10 year's time (4)

    In 10 year's time (4)
    Being responsible, resilient, a quick-learner, open-minded, collaborative and self-regulated are important skills in this time period. Having followed concisely my post-secondary education plans that covers all course/educational requisites for the next step will gurantee success in my employment. The job outlook in 2025 for medical careers may increase steadily. Changes in technology may assist me with my work. Changes in the economy may affect my salary in the future and in-residency.
  • In 10 year's time (5)

    In 10 year's time (5)
    Since I will be paid in the residency program, I will be able to afford a small home in Montreal. I may be offered learning oppurtunities such as careers in the Pediatrics or other sub-specialties.
    My personal goals in 10 year's time includes being more physically active, to become more confident in my skills, to be more comfortable as a leader, to adopt more enjoyable creative hobbies that challenge me, to have better communication skills, and to have better conflict-resolution skills.
  • In 10 year's time (2)

    In 10 year's time (2)
    In 10 year's time, I would have had several notable accomplishments. I would have finished my 4-year Undergrad at U of T (Honours Bachelor of Science), attended the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University for 3 years (MD) and have finally moved to Montreal to attend the Montreal Children's Hospital Pediatric residency program. I would have all the requirements to attend the program because it is tailored for Medical school graduates.
  • In 10 year's time (3)

    In 10 year's time (3)
    In the accelerated Medical school, I would have been introduced early to the clinical experience, taught through a patient-oriented and problem-based curriculum and personal progress index (learning from feedback and tracking of progress over time), and participated in basic and clinical research. I believe my experience in Medical school, my firm resiliency skills and strong learning skills and work habits will make me successful in the Pediatric residency program.
  • In 20 year's time (1)

    In 20 year's time (1)
    In 20 year's time, I will be a neonatologist for 4 years working at Sick Kids Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. My duties will include providing tertiary and quarternary medical and surgical services for newborns. I may also have to perform high risk procedures, such as laser eye surgery and Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) insertion. I believe my strong leadership skills, communication skills, resiliency skills and learning skills/work habits will make me successful.
  • In 20 year's time (2)

    In 20 year's time (2)
    I would be 36 in 20 year's time. My personal goals would include pursuing my interests in traveling, art & design, yoga, dancing, and blogging. I would want to be emotionally mature, calm in demeanor, to be down-to-earth and to always assess my progress of meeting the High Five Messages as I help my patients and continually meet success in my career. I may pursue further learning oppurtunities by working with Doctors without Borders in developing countries as a neonatologist.
  • In 20 year's time (3)

    In 20 year's time (3)
    I believe I would make a successful neonatologist because of all of my accomplishments: completing a Bachelor of Science, completing Medical School, completing a pediatric residency and completing a neonatology fellowship at Sick Kids hospital, the hospital which I will be working at as a neonatologist. All 14 years of my medical learning (all of which being educational/learning oppurtunities) will have shaped who I am and redefined my self-perception.