Professional Career and Goals

  • High School Career

    High School Career
    High school is attended from 2002-2006, and an Advanced Regents Diploma will be the primary goal. Furthermore, clubs, organizations, classes, and activities that involve education and children will be attended. Examples of these include the Childhood Education Elective, babysitters course, volunteering with children, and a program in which high school students teach a foreign language in the elementary schools for 30 minutes a week.
  • Period: to

    Valerie's Professional Goals and Career

  • Graduate High School

    Graduated High School with an Advanced Regents Diploma. Resume includes field activities such as Child Care Provider, Foreign Language Education Volunteer, and Babysitting Course.
  • SUNY College at Oneonta

    My undergraduate career takes place at SUNY College at Oneonta. During these four years, I majored in Childhood Education (1-6) with a Concentration in English. I also became very involved on campus in Greek Life and Community Service. I was the President, Rush Chair, and Secretary for Sigma Gamma Phi sorority. I was also the Sorority Recruitment/PR Chair on the Inter Greek Council for the entire Greek Life campus. I spent many hours volunteering, as well.
  • Student Teaching

    I student taugh in a third and a fifth grade general education classroom, for 8 weeks in each setting. I had a successful experience teaching, observing, and conducting lesson plans, a unit plan, and a child study.
  • Graduated with Bachelors Degree

    I received by Bachelors Degree in Childhood Education (1-6) with a concentration in English. My GPA was above a 3.0, and my educational GPA was 3.5.
  • Teaching Certification

    Took the necessary exams and made TEACH Account to receive official Certification in Childhood Education, grades 1-6.
  • St. Joseph's College

    I attended St. Joeph's College for my Masters degree in Special Education with an Annotation in Severe Disabilities. My overall GPA was 3.75. I became very involved in field experience, observing students at Pal-O-Mine, in self-contained settings, and in collaborative settings.
  • 1st/2nd Grade Leave Replacement

    I received my first leave replacement position. I was the Special Education teacher in a 1st/2nd grade self-contained classroom. I worked closely with other professoinals, created and implemented lesson plans, implemented IEP's and BIP's, graded the students, managed classroom behavior, and followed the Common Core State Standards. This experience was a huge opportunity for me to learn and grow as an educator.
  • 2nd/3rd Grade Leave Replacement

    I was hired for my second temporary leave replacement in a 2nd/3rd grade self-contained classroom. Being that this was my second experience, I felt a lot more confident. However, as a newer teacher, I am still learning something new every day.
  • Graduate with Masters Degree

    Receiving Masters in Special Education with an Annotation in Severe Disabilities.
  • GOAL: Obtain Full Time Teaching Career

    My hope for this coming school year is to obtain a full time career in teaching. This required me to send my resume, cover letter, and a couple of reference letters out this past couple of months. Ideally, I would like to have my own classroom. I feel my experiences and education have prepared me well.
  • GOAL: Teacher's Association Involvement

    Should I obtain a full time teaching career, I hope to become heavily involved in teacher organizations such as the PTA, Special Education PTA, or any other teacher organizations.
  • GOAL: Receive a Second Masters Degree

    Eventually, I would like to go back to school to receive another Masters in Education. I am considering Literacy, or becoming a Behavior Specialist.
  • GOAL: Receive Tenure

    Should I be able to be hired for a full time job for this coming year, it is my hope to obtain tenure in that position so that I can continue to grow in this position.
  • GOAL: Extra-curricular Involvement

    After becoming settled in a position, I would like to become involved in extra curricular activities in the school I work in. This may include a type of club, or drama/theater.
  • GOAL: Cooperating Teacher

    After becoming a more seasoned teacher, I would like to be a mentor to student teachers. I know what an inspiration my cooperating teachers were to me, and I would like to give someone else a positive learning and teaching opportunity.
  • GOAL: A Full and Rewarding Teaching Career

    I hope to continue as a special educator throughout my career. I believe there isn't another career option that suits me better, so should I receive that job, I will appreciate it and do what it takes to flourish throughout my entire working life.

    • Continue to learn throughout my many years of teaching
    • Be a believer and an inspiration for my students
    • Be an advocate for my students
    • Help my students become independent and confident learners
    • Grow professional relationships with coteachers
    • Create effective learning modifications and differentiation
    • Make positive changes in my school