• Beginning Of Life

    I was born on November 7, 2005.
  • First Day Of SChool

    First Day Of SChool
    I was enrolled in kindergarten at this time. It was my first day of actual school.
  • Moved Houses

    Moved Houses
    I moved houses from one location to another, closer to this area.
  • Brother Born

    My brother was born in 2012. He was my first brother.
  • Moved Houses Again

    Moved Houses Again
    I moved houses once more, this time closer to Fearn.
  • First Day of 3rd Grade In Fearn

    First Day of 3rd Grade In Fearn
    It was the first of the school in a new location.
  • Scet

    I was given an invitation to Scet, during either summer to 6th grade or 5th grade.
  • First Day of Scet

    First Day of Scet
    I saw everyone that is watching this presentation for the first time. I examined what the next 3 years would look like.
  • First Essay

    First Essay
    I was assigned the first essay of my middle school years, it was intense. If you noticed, I was on Draft 7.
  • Trip To Holocaust Museum

    Trip To Holocaust Museum
    It was very inspiring because I learned a lot of what happened, more in depth then what I previously learned.
  • End of 6th Grade

    End of 6th Grade
    I was very happy to finally be out of school. It was a long school year.
  • 7th Grade

    7th Grade
    After a short summer, I am back to 7th grade, and I was ready to start another year of school.
  • High School Experience (prediction)

    High School Experience (prediction)
    I will be enrolled in high school, and I will most likely take dual credit classes; however, I will try to have one AP class which will probably be math if anything.
  • Graduate Freshman Year

    Graduate Freshman Year
    I will graduate freshman year (hopefully) and enjoy the following summer.
  • Start Sophomore Year

    Start Sophomore Year
    I will start my sophomore year in highschool, it will probably be boring and maybe easy(because of dual credit)
  • End of Sophomore Year

    End of Sophomore Year
    I will be 16, almost 17 at this point.
  • I will get a car

    I will get a car
    As the title suggests, I will get a car because I am 16. I will drive it everywhere I go.
  • First Job

    First Job
    Since I have a car, I will drive to work. I will probably work at a Target or something.
  • I'll finish highschool and graduate.

    I'll finish highschool and graduate.
    I will finish school and get college credit because of my dual credit classes.
  • Go to college

    Go to college
    I do not know what college I will go to, I will see what offers I might or might not get.
  • Take a trip to somewhere cool (Europe probably)

    Take a trip to somewhere cool (Europe probably)
    I want to visit a place in Europe so once I get enough money I will probably do that.
  • Graduate College

    Graduate College
    I will get a bachelor's degree or possibly a PHD, it depends on how dedicated and motivated I am. I will pursue a career in whatever I study, somewhere in the science field related to space (most likely).
  • Buy a House

    Buy a House
    If I become successful, I will buy a house, with some guest bedrooms in case of any relatives coming over.
  • Get Married

    If I do marry someone, hopefully, its around when I am 29, since I will be able to carry my own.
  • Kids

    I will probably get kids when I am in my 30's.
  • Become an official millionare

    Become an official millionare
    IF I am that successful, I will become an official millionaire. This would be the biggest accolade I would have.
  • Go to somewhere cool (again)

    Go to somewhere cool (again)
    If I have enough money, I will take a big vacation to somewhere good (again probably in Europe.) I would take my family with.
  • Visit different places of the Earth

    Visit different places of the Earth
    I have always wanted to travel to different parts of the world, so I will probably begin around this age once I can afford it
  • Visit Greece

    Visit Greece
    Greece looks like a cool place to go so why not go there?
  • Visit Japan or South Korea

    Visit Japan or South Korea
    I will probably visit one of those two, depends on which one is more interesting to me in the future.
  • Visit Rome

    Visit Rome
    I will probably take a break from visiting places till I am older since that would be more affordable then keep on visiting places at a probable high amount of money. Rome will be a cool place to visit since of the culture and the Coliseum.
  • Probably be a grandpa?

    By this age, I might be a grandfather, I do not know, however.
  • Retire

    I feel that the age of 60 is a good place to retire, I will probably have enough money for retirement.
  • Pursue gaming

    Pursue gaming
    I have always been playing video games, so when I retire, that will probably be my hobby. I will buy whatever is the genre of video gaming, since the future will probably be a new era of video games, like advanced VR or something like that.
  • Eat everything that I ever wanted to try.

    Eat everything that I ever wanted to try.
    When I am in retirement, I will order foods that seem exotic that I want to try or just sweets that I never had or really want. I will eat whatever is a main pastry or dish in the future. It will be awesome.
  • Die?

    If I were to plan my death, the healthy age of 85 would do it. Anything older and I would probably not be able to do anything.