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  • My Birth

    My Birth
    Medellín - Colombia.........................................., It was a Wednesday, therefore is my favorite day ever....
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    School Time

    Jackeline Kennedy School .............I stood out in arts always
  • Period: to

    High School --- José Félix de Restrepo INEM

    Graduated in Chemistry Industry - Technical Bachelor ...
    Sciences and numbers were my passion in those days I loved it
  • Competition of Essay

    Competition of Essay
    3rd place - Researching about
    Aborigines in Colombia
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Frightened by the future !!!! excited also !!!
  • Period: to

    My First Job (Temporary - December)

    supplier (vegetables & fruits, groceries, and canned goods aisle ) in a known supermarket
  • Period: to

    College - University Of Medellín - Industrial Economics (Graduated)

  • Period: to

    Theater Studies -- University of Medellín

    I belonged to the theater group of the university and studied acting
  • Period: to

    Waiter in Piccolo´s Pizza

    It was a college job ( flexible time), here I got approach with customers and the company´s process, also cash management, stocktaking, cashier, beginning to be independent (financial way).
  • Period: to

    Econometrics Instructor (for my own)

    I was very good at econometrics and I loved it (Really it was my passion), so I decided to earned extra money as an instructor for econometrics to my classmates.
  • Announcement (Researching for new projects) prize

    Announcement (Researching for new projects) prize
    Our project was related to becoming Medellín in a huge cluster of the film industry --- we were inside of 5 (five) finalist
  • Period: to

    Thesis & Internship - University Medellín & The Chamber Of Medellín Trading.

    Researching of Economic development in Northeast of Antioquia by The Chamber of Medellín Trading.
  • Period: to

    Sales - Shoes store Arturo Calle

    Opened stores in Medellín of Arturo Calle
  • Period: to

    Sales Executive ---- Mesace - Medellín

    Leather Manufactures Store
    Marketing, sales, cash, stocktaking
  • My College Graduation as Economist !!!

    My College Graduation as Economist !!!
    After 5 years of studying, a new life was starting.....
  • Period: to

    Announcement (Offer Jobs in Banking) --- AV Villas

    It was a program where people elected by the bank must take a banking course and processes of the organization in order to fill future positions into the bank according to availability
  • I moved on to Bogotá

    I moved on to Bogotá
    Looking for new opportunities
  • Period: to

    Looking for a Job and adjusting in new City

    Looking a Job is another hard job even harder, I learned to manage frustration
  • Period: to

    Alkosto --- Sales Executive

    Sales, marketing, Budget, events, cash, collections, stocktaking.... Association companies, Employees Association Companies.
  • Period: to

    Looking a job --- Trying to be inside Financial Industry

    While I was seeking a Job, I taught Maths, tabulate surveys, transcriptions, looking for options to earn some money.
  • Period: to

    Temporary Job as Assistant Administration in Munich Re (Life & Health)

    Supporting all administration process
  • I got a contract of job In Munich Re !!!!!

    I got a contract of job In Munich Re !!!!!
    I was so happy after working as temporary I was hired by amazing company
  • Period: to

    Consultant Claims & Administration -- Munich Re

    I had the opportunity of working in all areas: Claims (as an adjuster), administration & Accounting (Office, Insurances, Claims, Reinsurance), procurement, process, human resources, contingency plan, collections, expenses, Client Focus (project - Innovation project), Clients events (internal & External), risk, researching (market, economics, clients), petty cash (foreign currencies)
  • Period: to

    Post-degree in Finance - University Externado

    Focus in banking investment and double degree with University of Columbia NY
  • Graduated in Finance

    Graduated in Finance
    University Externado and U. Columbia NY
  • Period: to

    Studied French into French Alliance B1-B2

    I love Languages
  • Period: to

    Creation Foundation for supporting reading -- " Written Voices´´

    With friends and colleagues, we created a foundation called ´´Written Voices´´ for supporting reading during this time we have been into a reading group sharing our favorites books.
  • Period: to

    Diploma in Art Direction in ENACC

    National Film School ENACC
  • Period: to

    Co-Scriptwritter with a Colleague

    Trying to sell our TV series stories
  • Period: to

    Production Film in ENACC - National Film School

    My dreams came true !!!
  • Period: to

    Becoming entrepreneur working as Producer Freelance

    Helping new directors for creating their projects and advising projects
  • Graduation in Production Film --- ENACC

    Graduation in Production Film --- ENACC
    I was the person in charge of the graduation speech
  • Period: to

    24LSFilms -- Producer Film

    New Production Company --- Working in projects features and short films, Budget, financial plan, cash flow, scheduling, shooting plan, funds, relation investors, marketing, script, arts, crew, legal issues
  • Cinematographic National Fund FDC

    Cinematographic National Fund FDC
    Picht of two of our projects Short Film and feature film