Goals and Future Wants

By andvel2
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    Andy V's Goals and Future Wants

  • Hardwork!

    Throughout elementary school and middle school, I've always known I was a hardworker. My mom would always tell me that because my grades were always good and the work always pays off.
  • Lincoln Hall Middle School

    Lincoln Hall Middle School
    I lived in Lincolnwood and because of that, I went to Lincoln Hall Middle school for middle school.
  • Awards

    During my 8th grade year, it turns out my grades were high enough that I got an award for my grades. Also, I won another award.
  • Videogames

    Althought I was a smart kid during school, I was just as big of videogamer as a student. I love videogames, and during elemtary and middle school, I've played many videogames such as Gamecube, Gameboy, Xbox, and Pokemon. I would say I am pretty good at videogames.
  • Freshman

    My freshman year of high school at Niles West academic wise, was very good. My grades were good enough to make the Red Honor Roll.
  • Free Time!

    Free Time!
    Lastly, I want to have a lot of free with my future wife, family, and friends. Maybe there'll be time for videogames, who knows.
  • Part-Time Job

    Part-Time Job
    I would like to have a way of making money, so over the summer, I am really hoping to find a part-time job. Maybe somewhere at a target or something like that.
  • A.C.T.

    During my junior year, I really want to get a good quality high score on the A.C.T.'s. I want to go to college, so a good score would really help my chances.
  • Graduation

    I am looking forward to finally graduating high school. I'm definitely aiming for the best grades possible throughout high school.
  • Living

    After high school, I really want to be able to live with my own apartment and not have to panic over the rent, food, and cars and all the necessities.
  • Living (continued).

    Living (continued).
    About the same time after high school, I want to live with my girlfriend in that apartment or house and live a somewhat comfortable life.
  • College

    Even if I start out at a community college, I would like to attend a university. I really don't know what university I want to go to, but somewhere close that I could live in my apartent.
  • Live Young

    Live Young
    Even though I have mentioned all the college talk and living with my girlfriend, I still want to be able to live an active and fun life while you still can.
  • Housing

    Once I graduate college, I really want to be able to find a house to settle in. It doesn't have to be a big house, just a nice comfortable house.
  • Career

    If you have a house, you have to be able to pay off the bills with enough money to buy food and wants. I want to have a job that will cover all of those.
  • Marriage

    Aroudnd this time, I want to marry the special person in my life. Even though I am little young, I think I already found her, and I am very happy.
  • Family

    I have always loved animals, so I want to own a dog or two when i'm living in the house. Maybe a nice small dog that doesn't bark that much. If I don't get a dog, then maybe we'll try to start a family and have a child.
  • Vacation

    I have never been on a real, nice and expensive vacation, so when I am middle-aged, I want to go somewhere desirable like Mexico or something.
  • Nice Things

    Nice Things
    I want to be able to afford good quality items such as nice cars, cloths, house, etc. Not incredibly nice things, but good quality things.
  • Help Family

    Help Family
    I was raised to help out others in time of need, so when my parents are old enough to retire, I want to be able to help them out with whatever they want.
  • Free Time

    Free Time
    I want to be able to have a lot of free time to spend with my future wife, family and friends. Hopefully there will be some spare time to play videogames.
  • Own Everything

    Own Everything
    My dad told me that paying mortage is what kills people on payments. That being said, I want to be able to own all of my belongings like my car, house, etc.
  • Vacation

    I want to go on another vacation when I retire. A big one this time, maybe on a boat or something nice like that.
  • Coca-Cola

    All my life, i've been drinking coca-cola and I love it. So when I retire, I want to be able to own a lot of Coca-Cola stock.
  • Be Happy

    Be Happy
    When I am really old, I want to be able to look back on my life and have no regrets. I also just want to be happy with everything.