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Career Path

  • Starting a New Volunteering Program

    Starting a New Volunteering Program
    On this day, I will start my volunteering services at Memorial Hospital. It's a great place to volunteer -- not only because it looks good on my high school transcript, but also because it will allow me to explore an area outside of liberal arts and business that could be crucial to figuring out my Career Path. I also plan to stick with this program at Memorial Hospital throughout my entire high school career.
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    College Visit: CU Boulder

    I would like to visit this university through one of their programs that is offered in June 2013, "Be A CU-Boulder Student For A Day".
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    College Visit: UNIVERSITY OF DENVER (DU)

    I'm staying in Denver around this time period to attend Forensics (debating team) seminar that I was invited to, so I thought that I might as well visit a university that I'm interested in while I'm up there.
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    SAT Testing - Junior Year

    There hasn't been any confirmed SAT testing dates for the school year 2013/2014, so I just plan to take the test between the usual testing months. This will be my first time testing for the SAT (does taking the PSAT count? I don't really think so), therefore I know I will be studying ALOT over the summer. Though I know Colorado is an ACT state, I plan to apply to colleges all over the nation. Thus, I want to be prepared by testing for both the SAT and ACT.
  • ACT Testing - First Time

    Because I will most likely have SAT testing during the month of October - another crucial month for ACT testing - I want to be able to give myself a break in between and therefore test on the next earliest date.
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    College Visit: CSU FT. COLLINS

    I chose this time frame to visit CSU Ft. Collins because this is the time of year they offer a college tour visit meant for high school juniors.
  • ACT Testing - Second Time

    If I'm not happy with my first ACT score -- and knowing me, I probably won't be -- I will test again on April 12, 2014.
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    Applying for Scholarships

    Around this time period, I will be applying for a number of scholarships. To me, it doesn't matter how small it is because it'll help out for my overall college costs. The scholarships that I could see my self applying for all look for academic achievement, leadership skills, involvement in the community, and financial need. For example:
    - Courage to Grow scholarship
    -Elks Most Valuable Student scholarship
    -Colorado Student Grant/Work Study
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    College Applications

    Between these months, I hope to apply to at least 6 schools. Of course, it will cost a fair amount of money so I hope to start applying around the time period where I know I will have money saved up from working over the summer.
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    Hopefully with various types of financial aid programs, I will be able to travel to New York to conduct several college visits. I will attend Columbia University's Overnight Campus Tour Visits. This particular college visit program is done only for high school seniors in the fall semester. As for New York University, their eccentric 'culture' and diversity of programs appeal to me and I would like to visit this university to explore the oppotunities they offer even further.
  • ACT Testing - Last Time

    It sounds like too much to test three times but since the ACT score is such an important part to consider for colleges during admissions, I want to show my highest score on the test.
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    SAT Testing - Senior Year

    Since I am on a time budget for applying to colleges and waiting for their responses, I will take the SAT again in senior between those exact months.
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    Daniel's Fund Scholarship

    This scholarship would play a crucial role in paying for college costs. Though I really would like to win this scholarship, it's highly competitive. They will only pick 250 students from thousands and thousands from four specific states. The dates I chose for this time period is from the usual time the deadline closes to the time someone will get their letter of response.
  • Graduation

    Thank god high school is over.
  • Start Packing :)

    No matter which college I will go to, I know that by the beginning of July in 2015, I will start packing up to move to that college. In a way, it will mark my transition as a teenager to a young adult and thus it is a significant event. (cheesy, I know)
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    Studying Abroad

    What I liked about the universities that I have chosen in my college visits is that they encourage the idea of studying in another country. What I plan to do in college is have at least one year where I study in another country. Hopefully by then, I will be fluent in another language other than English. The reason why I put my travel plans here is because realistically, I do not have the income to travel wherever I want. Therefore, I will take advantage of my school's financial aid.
  • Sending Out Resumes

    By my junior year in college, I hope I will have had enough experience and oppoortunities to start sending out resumes/applications for internships and possible jobs. Because I graduate college in 2019, I will start writing up resumes that will basically list all of my accomplishments over the years.
  • College Graduation -- What Next?

    I do not know whether or not I should continue on with the idea of teaching or education -- therefore I do not know if I want to pursue a higher degrees. If I do choose this career path, I will start planning on admissions to the university I graduated from or another university to start studying for a graduate degree in order to teach at my desired level.
  • The End of This Timeline.

    The End of This Timeline.
    Honestly, I can't see myself any further than the end of college, Even then, the details are a little blurry. What I hope for now is that every experience I go through for education and for my personal life will be worth it.