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Financial Timeline Of My Life - Alisa Pirko

  • Single -Loans / Insurance

    Single -Loans / Insurance
    I will have health and car Insurance .Health insurance covers doctors and hospital bills if I'm injured and Car Insurance is when they cover if my car has been hit ,things have been stolen from my car ,etc.
    Loans - I do not plan on taking out any loans during college , Loans are taking out when people need to pay for something but don't have the money to pay for it now and is payed back later in life.
  • Single -Budget / Saving / Banking

    Single -Budget / Saving / Banking
    - I will need budget to help manage my money and record income and expenses for a month .
    -Savings is important for me to have for emergency or if I going into debt , savings are necessary for severe financial setbacks .
    - I will need banking for safety for my money for example if my house is broken into and I am robbed and they steal my money .
  • Single - Credit Cards /Investing

    Single - Credit Cards /Investing
    Credit Card
    I will have 1 credit card and it will be an ESL credit card because it doesn't have a lot of fees and cost only 1$ to open an account , it also has a 0.5 % interest rate ,It's also allows me to build up my credit because certain things like a car will want you have to have a good credit score .
    I will start a retirement account which is important to start young because you will need 1 million dollars by the time you retire.
  • Married-Budget / Savings / Banking

    Married-Budget / Savings / Banking
    -Me and my spouse will have to add our expenses and my spouse money.
    -Our savings account will stay the same we will have to keep it separate.
    -Me and my spouse will have joint bank accounts and we will still use it to keep our money safe
  • Married - Loans / Insurance

    Married - Loans / Insurance
    -When or if me and my spouse needs to take out a loan we will put our money together.

    - Me and my spouse will have a few joint insurances such as home insurance , auto insurance , and also health insurance.
  • Married - Credit card / Investing

    Married - Credit card / Investing
    Credit Card
    -Our credit cards will stay the same , we will have separate cards.I will also have a second credit card and bank but it will be from Chase and I will never touch it I will be adding money to it but it would be ONLY for emergencies.
    -My spouse and I will have a separate retirement account.I will use Pension as my retirement plan because they'll give me money when I retire and also because I will have access to the account .
  • Raising Children - Budget / Savings / Banking

    Raising Children - Budget / Savings / Banking
    Budget - The budget will stay the same me and my spouse will add our expenses . Savings- The savings will stay the same me and my spouse will have separate savings account . Banking - The bank account will stay the same me and my spouse will have joint bank accounts which will keep our money secure and safe.
  • Raising children - Loans / Insurance

    Raising children - Loans / Insurance
    Loans - Loans will stay the same me and my spouse will put money together and we also might help pay off our kids loans if they have any college loans that need to be payed off. Insurance -My kids will be added to my heath and car insurance until they are 26 years old .
  • Raising children - Credit cards / Investing

    Raising children - Credit cards / Investing
    Credit Cards - I will add my child to my credit card so they can have somewhere to put there money and it can also build a strong credit for them . Investing -I will invest in my child for college but also anything she wants like a car etc .
  • Senior - Loans / Insurance

    Senior - Loans / Insurance
    Loans - I will most likely take out loans for my house or take out a service loan which will help pay for electric, water and phone bills. Insurance- I will still have my life insurance and retirment plan which I will pay no more than 15 % .
  • Senior - Credit Cards / Investing

    Senior - Credit Cards / Investing
    Credit Cards - I would still have my Chase credit card and I will have use the money from my ESL credit card to pay for bills and personal things. Investing - I will now start to invest my money to my kids for their future so they won't have to take out loans and they can use it for their own emergencies.
  • Senior - Budget / Savings / Banking

    Senior - Budget / Savings / Banking
    Budget -The budget will stay the same but I also will have my kids help me with my budget .I also will cut down on some of my bills. Savings- I will be using some of my savings to because I don't have a job I will need to use if for food , to pay for bills etc. Banking - I will be taking to my lawyer about my will and where my money from the bank will go and will be going to my children.