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My Life: Jason Hanby

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    My name is Jason Lee Hanby. I came into this world on April 17, 1993 at Underwood Memorial Hospital in Woodbury, New Jersey. I was born at 12:20 on a Saturday afternoon. I was born 20 minutes after my mom arrived at the hospital. I was weighed in at 9 lbs, 2 oz. and I was 20 inches long. My parents are Barbara and Harry Hanby. I joined my three and half year old brother named Timmy.
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    My Life

  • My First Footsteps

    My First Footsteps
    When I was a little over one year old, I took my first footsteps. It was of the first goals I had when I was young. It was a big step in life for me. This is how most people get around and it is an important skill in life. Now I could really start getting into things around the house.
  • First day of School

    First day of School
    September 7th 1998 was my first day of school at Fairfield Township Primary School on Ramah Road. I started to meet people and make friends. It was scary at first but then after a few days I got used to it and it was alright. I only went to school for half the day until I went to first grade, then it was all day. It was the start of a new adventure in life.
  • 8th Grade Graduation from Fairfield Township School

    8th Grade Graduation from Fairfield Township School
    I finshed the first part of my education at Fairfield Township School. I was on the Honor Roll mulitple times. I was a member of the Safety Patrol from fourth grade through eighth grade and served Fairfield Township School proud. I was a member of the first graduating class of the new Fairfield Township School on Gouldtown Woodruff Road. Now I was ready and excited to enter Cumberland Regional High School.
  • Joined Fairton Fire Department

    Joined Fairton Fire Department
    I became a junior member of the Fairton Fire Department on November 19, 2009. I started out as a Junior member because I am under 18 so this coming April I will be an official member of the Fairton Fire Department. I spend a lot of my free time at the firehouse so that when a call comes in, I can go out with the squad or fire truck and help out. I like helping the EMTs and talking to the patients. I am really learning a lot.
  • Completed first half of Firefighter 1 Training

    Completed first half of Firefighter 1 Training
    On March 31 2010, I completed the first half of Firefighter 1 Training at Cumberland County Vo-Tech. I had to complete written and hands on experience to pass the class. I had to complete forceful entry, hoselines, splinklers, ladders, ropes and knots, and savage/overhaul skills. All of these skills have different uses on the fire ground and you need all of them to fight a fire and survive. I got the best score on tying knots and the second best score of the class on putting on the SCBA gear.
  • Completed Emergency Medical Disptacher

    Completed Emergency Medical Disptacher
    I have successfully Completed Emergency Medical Dispatcher. This is the 2nd half of my Dispatcher Certificate so I can be a fulltime Dispatcher anywhere in the State of New Jersey. Cumberland County has a 911 Dispatch Center near the Vo-Tech Center. Right now, I do not want to work as a dispatcher but it is good to have the certficiation in case I do want to work there someday.
  • Emergency Medical Technician

    Emergency Medical Technician
    I hope to successfully pass my EMT State Written Exam So I can be an official EMT. I have completed the training at the Vo-Tech and practical part of the test and I am waiting to take the written test. I am taking the written exam on March 24th in Neptune New Jersey. I can't wait for it because I have been studying really hard and I'm ready to pass it so I can start working as an EMT. I am going to continue my volunteer work with Fairton Fire and also look for a paid job as an EMT.
  • Certified Firefighter 1 Candidate

    Certified Firefighter 1 Candidate
    When I compltete this half of Firefighter training, I can go inside a burning building and rescue victims and put out the fire. This half of the training is mostly hands-on training and hardly no book work so that makes it way more exciting. I am also participating in drills with Fairton Fire Company.This photo shows a group of us that practiced extrication methods from cars that were in accidents.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    I will graduate from Cumberland Regional High School on June 22, 2011. This is the end of my high school carreer and now it's off to a new challenge in college. I will always remember high school because of my friends and the new people I met. You never forget what school you went to because some day you will look back on it and remember how good those days were compared to how they are now. You learn alot in high school and take it with you all through life until the end.
  • Graduate from Camden County College

    Graduate from Camden County College
    I am going to graduate from Camden County College with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences. My major is Paramedic Science. I will have to go through 375 hospital time hours at Underwood Memerial Hospital and 500 hours of field internship with Certfied Paramedics at Underwood Memorial Hospital. This is also not counting the class time studying long hours with the books. Then,I will take my Paramedic Written Exam so I can be a Sate of New Jersey Certified Paramedic and get a job I will enjoy.
  • Working as a Paramedic

    Working as a Paramedic
    I will get a job as a Paramedic in 2013 after I complete my training and pass the written state exam. I picked this field of study because I like to help people and its interesting trying to help people with their medical problems. Also, I will get to do advanced medical support which is better then just regular EMT. I will administer IV's, do advanced airway support, advanced cardiac support and perform other life saving measures.
  • Flight Paramedic

    Flight Paramedic
    Once I get my Paramedic License I want to become a Flight Paramedic. A Flight Paramedic treats trauma patients through air transport so they get to a truama center quickly. I always wanted to fly in a helicopter and treat patients all at the same time.