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Life Goals & Events Thomas Orban

  • Born

    Born August 24, 1998 in Chicago hospital
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    LIfe Goals and Events

  • Botanical Garden

    Moved into family house at Morton Grove. I also biked to Botanic Garden for the first time. This was a big accomplishment because This was the farthest distance I ever traveled at such a long age. It was also awsome seeing that my effort payed off because it was awesome seeing a lot of conserved flowers that normally would've gone extinct.
  • To the Beach

    I went to the beach when I was 7 years old, while on a bike. I have gone there before by car but it was much better to experience working to find out how far the car travels as well as the beautiful view of the lake and the beaches.
  • Sports and soccer

    I joined the ayso soccer team. It was a sport I enjoyed so I went there in the cold and when it was raining. It was fun facing other teams your age and also doing practices because it gave you something to do and it tired you out.
  • Homecoming Dance

    Dancing at highschool and getting new friends when first coming to school. I was also on the football team and figure out where everything was. This was the fun part of freshman year because you saw all the people you knew in one place having fun. This gives me a chance to have connections at school like I would have in real life.
  • Advanced Classes

    I am taking advanced math classes and plan on taking more advanced classes by the end of my highschool career. This will be good for my G.P.A and getting colleges to acccept me. It is also good to challenge myself and keep up with college level courses so that I have that experience beforehand.
  • Highschool level Swimming and Soccer

     Highschool level Swimming and Soccer
    When I"m in junior year I hope to make a higher level in swimming and soccer. This is important because I love the competitiveness of the sport, and getting to know people better by working with them. This would also take the place of my gym so I wouldn't have to worry about being healthy. Also colleges love that if we can be on their teams and make them some money for college level sports.
  • ACT test

    I plan on scoring a 25 or above on the ACT. This is so that I won't have to spend extra money trying to take course at a 2 year college to prepare for a 4 year college. This will save money, and give me a good placement so that I can excel in class
  • Cooling Down

    After highschool, I plan on cooling down and look for part time jobs before I go to college. I'm doing this so that I can enjoy life for another year before I progress myself to finally settling down.
  • Computer Science

    I'm going to take courses for computers so that I can better understand them and also make videogames, because I am very interested in making games that will keep you fixed for hours. This will also help me when I have to do some coding for a company that I might work for.
  • Explore the State

    I plan on after finishing college and gathering money, to explore the United States and hopefully go to several different places, in search of a job, as well as going to different famous locations that we are known for. I want to see what things i'm not seeing and just have fun for this part of my life.
  • Chemistry Field

    Chemistry Field
    I plan on majoring in chemistry because all of the reactions and different things you can make with organic and inorganic moleculees are amazing. I just love that factories use it everyday to make our products and I want to understand how that works. I will start this course when i'm 25 and probably end around 30. This will help me get high paying jobs for product inspections.
  • Part Time Jobs

    Before going to college at age 25 I plan on making some money to afford the first few weeks.I'll get a lifeguarding degree so i can relax at the pool during the summer. And winter jobs I could be working at retail stores, or restaurants. I'll being doing this so that I have some money to pay off my debts before I find work to fully pay them off.
  • Get married

    I'm getting married to someone that I meet in college so that I can have someone that will have a real job, as well as look nice. I chose this because then It will help me pay off everything a lot quicker. It also is nice to know some of the girls at your college.
  • Raise Children

    With my college wife I plan on having kids with her. This is to make sure I pass on my genes to another generation as well as have some people to have fun with. This is important because then they'll get jobs and send money to me. As well as continue my family.
  • Getting A House

    Getting A House
    I'm going to get a house and a mortgage to raise my family in. I am also getting this so that I can be parent free. It would be completely awsome to have one as well because I own a place where it would be great to stay at whenever I want.
  • Get a Job

    I'm going to get a good paying job with my chemistry degree. I'm going to get a job to pay off the debts i'm going to have with the things that I want to do in my life. This is beneficial to me because it will give me lots of extra experience and make it harder for others to take my spot. And I will also be stable with my life and do whatever I want without being dependent on someone else.
  • Join a Fraternity

    I plan on joining a fraternity, or another group that will meet at least once a year for a get together. It'll let me have something to look forward to do. It's also fun to be in something and participate with other people that actually care about the fraternity. I plan on doing this during college to monitor others progress and give myself an incentive to work harder.
  • Put Children Through System

    Make my children go through school and pay attention them so they don't make bad decisions that will make them less sucess than me. It's important to pay attention to your kids otherwise they might not make the best decisions that'll benifit them in the future. I know my parents did what they could for me. So i'll do the same.
  • Progress at Work

    Do well at working hard so that I can be promoted to a higher level up on the ladder at the workplace. I want my wage to be raised so that later I may have some later to spend.
  • Pay Off Debt

    Pay Off Debt
    I plan on being nearly done with all payments of the house and school fees that I raked up over the years. This will be the greatest milestone in my life because it shows that I accomplished everything I needed to do in life and that I can relax for the remainder.
  • Investing in Plans

    I'll diversify and make investments for the last part of my age to get the most out of it. This is so that I can be comfortable while I get old and also to have fun with my family. I'll be investing in different insurances and bonds that I can cash in when I get old or die.
  • Retirement Home

    I plan on retiring at 70 so that I don't have to worry about money as I begin to age. I'd stay at a nice place with a park and a bunch of activities so I need the money for that.
  • Vacation and Freedom

    Vacation and Freedom
    I plan on after paying off my debts to go to the different continents and see the world in Europe and many famous places. This is important because I don't to stay in one place and not know what it's like to be in a new place. And I want to have some good experiences before I get old
  • Final Decisions

    I plan to die at 90 and at that age It's important to make many legal decisions beforehand such as cash in investments I might have in the future, as well as make a list of the things I will give to different family. I don't want to have a long legal battle after death resulting in a big loss for everyone involved.