MFA Mastery Journey

  • JULY start date

  • Mastery - Gain Understanding

    Dig deep into the word Mastery and figure out what it really means. Read text book to gain basics and find other sources that list how Mastery is developed. Think about the journey many writers have taken and compare them to the text book breaking their journey down.
  • Mastery - Begin Networking

    Push to make journaling and networking a priority. Set aside time to spend on the internet sites and share insights or journey notes with others. Update web sites so have current information.
  • Mastery - Set up Mastery Journey goals

    Set up OneNote with each course and put the MJ goals on the first page. When begin each course, evaluate the different weeks and assign the timeline goal that best fits. Each page will then document the goal and its completion at the end of the course.
  • Mastery - FINAL

  • AUGUST Start Date

  • Visual Storytelling - Learn Techniques

    Learn about storytelling techniques as they apply to visual media.
  • Visual Storytelling - Gain Understanding

    Explore what visual media means and how it can affect writing. Relate that back to storytelling and combine the two understandings to move my writing forward and enhance its presentation.
  • Visual Storytelling - Create Narratives

    Take storytelling and visual media one step forward and create my own images and ideas using both in a visually appealing and hopefully moving piece.
  • Visual Storytelling - FINAL

  • SEPTEMBER Start Date

  • Script Analysis - Study Multimedia formats

    Learning how to differentiate between the various multimedia formats and then reconciling them to narratives will help me build a stronger story and be sure it is aimed at the right audience.
  • Script Analysis - Focus on Structure, Style and Content

    Analyzing scripts has always been a favorite of mine and I hope to further this skill and expand into the details surrounding the various focuses of this class, i.e. structure, style and content.
  • Script Analysis - Study Script Formats

    I’ve only recently become aware that you don’t always have to present a completed script depending on the context to which you are writing. This goal will help me figure out where to focus my efforts depending on the end goal of my writing.
  • Script Analysis - FINAL

  • OCTOBER Start Date

  • Character Creation - Develop Character Needs and Wants

    A strong character creates a strong story and learning how to develop and recognize characters wants and needs and then developing that into their solid motivation can make my writing stronger.
  • Character Creation - Mold Character from backstory

    Taking the raw material from a backstory and making them into a real character is going to take some practice and this will help bring the characters I create closer to reality.
  • Character Creation - Create Character

    I’ve always been able to translate feelings and actions to paper and feel that my characters all appear strong and real in their own way. However, sometimes its necessary to create a character that isn’t based on anyone alive and to be able to pull a character out of thin air and make them come alive is something I’m looking forward to achieving.
  • Character Creation - FINAL

  • NOVEMBER Start Date

  • Episodic - Learn Technicalities

    It will be interesting to see if my love for details will bog me down when I go to write episodes. I’m looking forward to learning techniques to make it easier.
  • Episodic - Understand difference in writing episodic

    Until I read the synopsis for this class I really haven’t given much thought to how ti would be different than normal to write a story based on someone else’s vision. I’ll need to change my mindset I think in order to make sure I see the other author’s vision and can match it.
  • Episodic - Develop serial story

    I’ve never done this kind of writing so intend to give it my best shot.
  • DECEMBER Start Date

  • Film Screenwriting - Review Previous Course Materials

    This will refresh my memory as to what I’ve learned in the individual courses and where I need to focus my energy as I begin writing my screenplay.
  • Period: to


  • Film Screenwriting - Familiarize with screenwriting tools

    Learning how to format scripts is fine but if you can use an already existing tool, so much the better. I can focus on the content and let the software take care of the formatting.
  • Film Screenwriting - Learn about sequences

    Writing succinctly is something I’ve not done a lot of in the past. I tend to write the scenes that I have in my head then put them all together. I’ll need to practice sequentially writing and see how it improves my writing.
  • Film Screenwriting FINAL

  • Period: to


  • JANUARY Start Date

  • Writing for Games - Learn how games created

    This will give me a good foundation so that when I begin writing for games I’ll understand what will work and what won’t in the gaming world.
  • Writing for Games - Discover platforms

    When playing games, it is important to keep to a consistent storyline and platform and learning how this is done will help make my story believable
  • Writing for Games - Learn types of gaming genres

  • Writing for Games - FINAL

  • FEBRUARY Start Date

  • Animation - Gain foundation

    I’ve had virtually no experience with animation and will need to create a background of understanding before I’ll be able to move forward to create any kind of script in this medium.
  • Animation - Get current on knowledge

    Studying those that have gone before will move my knowledge to current and give me further insight into the way animation works.
  • Animation - Learn from past, study current trends

    Take the history lesson a step further and study what others have done before to see patterns and gain ideas to make a storyboard and animated short of my own.
  • Animation - FINAL

  • MARCH Start Date

  • Advanced Script Editing - Apply analysis

    Further breaking down my scripts and analyzing it for big picture, character, scene and line-by-line will help me fine tune my script in preparation for presentation.
  • Advanced Script Editing - Learn structural issues

    Making sure my script is structurally sound and that I’ve done all I can to make it as professional as possible will be my goal for this week.
  • Advanced Script Editing - Apply conventions and editing suggestions

    As a final rework applying all the suggestions industry conventions and other editing processes should put the final touches on my script and give it a polished look and feel.
  • Advanced Script Editing - FINAL

  • Period: to


  • APRIL Start Date

  • Creative Writing I - Review previous class materials

    Review previous materials from previous courses both here and at other schools.
  • Creative Writing I - Decide on genre

    Decide on genre and distribution and brainstorm ideas
  • Creative Writing I - Research concept script

    Research concept script and finalize idea
  • Creative Writing I - FINAL

  • MAY Start Date

  • Creative Writing II - Write

    That’s about all I need to be doing at this point.
  • Creative Writing II - Reviewing

    I find that I spend so much time writing that I forget to allow time to review what I’ve written and give myself time to do the final editing.
  • Creative Writing II - Edit

    Yes, I know this is the same goal as the one before but I feel it is important enough for me to make sure I allow time for polishing up my script and not just write up to the last second.
  • Creative Writing II - FINAL

  • JUNE Start Date

  • Business of Creative Writing - Learn distribution methods

    I need to decide mainly if I’m going with a traditional publisher, a single publisher or continue with self-publishing.
  • Business of Creative Writing - Find publication method

    Review magazines, contests, publishers, etc., to find a fit to what I’m looking to do with my finished script.
  • Business of Creative Writing - Gather list of literary agents

    Not every publisher or agent will take a script from someone that has never published before so it is going to take some research to find them and see which are a good fit for me and what I want to do.
  • Business of Creative Writing - FINAL

    Am I ready to graduate???
  • JULY Start Date