Dawson parker

  • great grandma died

    great grandma died
    in 2010 i experiencedthe first death the i was around for in my family. The person who died was my great grandma. i was really close to my grandmother so it turned out to be a very tradjec and devistating experience for me that i still to this day have not fully recoverd from as there was no warning, it was just one day shje was there the nextshe was gone.
  • grade eight graduation

    grade eight graduation
    at grade eight graduation i ended up reciveing multipkle awards to reward my hardwork.I ended up r4ecieving the honuor role with an 89 average and also recieved my school letter witch im not shure what its exactly for but the one that i am most proud of is the athelete of theyear award witch i was very proud to recieve as it showed my older brother that i was better at him in something :)
  • grade nine

    grade nine
    on the first day of high school i was pretty nervious as i dident know anyone but that quickly changed when sports started and i started to exel in what i was born to do and from than on i maid many friends that had similiar interest as me and became very respected by certain students and teachers. but being an athelete it was very difficult to keep up on thisngs such as math as i dident have my graetest year in that particular subject!! Math last year was very sressful and i ended coming out 53
  • Good job

    Good job
    hopefully by this date i will have my second job and better job of running the clock at the west lorn arena as i would make 25$ a game instead of 10.50 and hour(a game only takes about an hour)
  • junior hocky

    junior hocky
    in 2014 i wil hopefully be playing for the st.thomas junior b team as an underager and if not be on the team as an underager but just to go and get my name in there and maybe become a healthy scratch. witch is a player than only plays in one of the players get injured and cant play.
  • Grade 11

    Grade 11
    In grade 11 i am going to buy my first car hopefully it will look like me picture but probley not. And buy than i will still have not cut my hair and have beautiful flow.
  • grade 12

    grade 12
    in grade twelve by june i would have liked to graduated high school and recived multipul awardssuch as honour role, athleteof theyear school letter ect. and i would also like to take a year off life to go travelling and do whatever my heart desires.
  • playing for st.thomas junior b

    playing for st.thomas junior b
    by this date i want to be playing for the st.thomas junior b team as a full time player and hopefully have success by scoring goals and doing what i do best making some sweet plays and getting some assist.
  • university

    By the year of 2017 i would like to be enrolled in the university of western ontario and studying and studying the dramatic arts and physical education so i may come back to this great school someday and teach my students how to have fun but besuccesful at the same time.
  • part time job

    part time job
    in 2018 i will need to have a part time job so i can keep money in the bank while i study at the university of western ontario. and at this job i will hope to be making around 15$ and hour witch is above averadge but i will be willing to work for the extra bucks.
  • graduation....again

    by the year of 2021 i would like to be done studying at the university of western ontario and hopefully off to my first teaching job ata high school. but off the topic i would like to have a girlfriend and be happy togather and be thinking about marrage.
  • first full time teaching job

    first full time teaching job
    by 2022 i will like to have my first full time teaching job at pci and hopefully be head of of the athletic board and be coaching hockey and vollyball. i would also like to know somehow that i am helping teenagers get threw there everyday delemas
  • marrage

    by this date i will have like to be married to my beautiful ife and have a nice house to start our lives togather and start our big happy family in.
  • buying a house

    buying a house
    in 2025 i will like to have bought a house somewhere in the country overlooking the woods and be married and starting my life while thinking about starting a family.
  • kids

    at this time in my life i want to have or be having my first child with my beautiful wife and be in a teaching job so i would be finacially ready and succure.