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My Life

By Dezalt
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    My Life

  • Kindergarten wish

    Kindergarten wish
    I wanted to finish kindergarten during this time, because this could be one more step closer to my goal to earn more money.
  • House

    I wished about new, big, brand house, to play hide and seek with my friends.
  • Elementary School

    Elementary School
    I wished about finishing elementary school, to be even more close to my goal.
  • Moving to the USA

    Moving to the USA
    I dreamed about moving to the United States of America, because the life in Russia became to hard, because of the officials thieves.
  • Business and Technology

    Business and Technology
    I want to finish Business and Tech to take a higher level of this, and also to not to take Consumers AD.
  • Driver License.

    Driver License.
    I wish to get my driver license during my sophomore year, because then I would be able to drive the car.
  • Pre Calculus and Trigonometry

    Pre Calculus and Trigonometry
    I want to finish Pre Calculus and Trigonometry my Junior year, to be able to take Calculus my senior year.
  • Car

    I want to buy a car my senior year, because I am tired of these school buses, it's impossible for people like me sitting on those sits.
  • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles
    I wish to move to the Los Angeles to start college exactly there.
  • Graduate college

    Graduate college
    I dream about graduating college after four years, and then earn a lot of money.
  • Profession Degree

    Profession Degree
    I wish to get a good profession degree after fiinishing college, to get a good job, job that I want.
  • Job

    I wish to get a nice and cool job to live in this hard life.
  • Marriage

    I think I will probably marry by this time, on the woman that I like.
  • Children

    I guess, by this time I will probably get children, right now I don't know what to say about my benfit in this.
  • Buy a company

    Buy a company
    I wish I will buy a company by this time because I will probably have enough money, and it also can bring me more money.
  • Donation

    I think I will donate money in funds, because first, to help people, and second, to make my taxes smaller.
  • Career

    I dream about a good career, I want to be famous and earn a lot of money.
  • Visiting Russia

    Visiting Russia
    I wish I would visit Russia and my sister there, because when we were leaving to the US my sister decided to stay there.
  • Fast car

    Fast car
    I always dream about Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Car in my garage, and I swear I will buy it.
  • President

    This is just a dream to become a president of Russia, I am just tired and all of the people tired of officials and government, they always steal, and lie to people, I think I could change their lives in a better way.
  • Officials

    If I will become a president of Russia, I will stop the officials from stealing money from people, to give them a better life.
  • Grandchildren

    I think by that time I already will have grand children, and I will play with them, talk to them, and teach them.
  • New languages

    New languages
    By this time I will probably have nothing what to do, and I think I will just do learning new languages.
  • Traveling

    I think by the and of my life I will just do traveling around the world for searching new civilizations and learning different cultures.
  • The rest of the life

    The rest of the life
    I am sure and I surely will that I will just ENJOY THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!