Clara Truong...Stages of Life...Period 2

By clatru1
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    Clara Truong...Stages of Life...Period 2

  • Riding A Two-Wheeler Bike

    Riding A Two-Wheeler Bike
    When I was 5 years old, I always wanted to ride a two-wheeler bike like all the other big kids. No more riding a bike with training wheels or a tricycle, but a bicycle. That's when my parents bought me my first two-wheeler. It was purple, black, and shiny.
  • Getting A Pet Dog

    Getting A Pet Dog
    When I was little, I always wanted a little pet dog. I dreamt of having one every day. My favorite kind of dog that I would want is a Dachshund because they look like little hotdogs. Cute and long.
  • Taking Swimming Lessons

    Taking Swimming Lessons
    At age 7, I loved going to the pool and splashing around. Going down the kiddie waterslides and playiing Marco Polo. But I wanted to learn how to swim, so my parents signed me up for swimming lesions. I got better and better by each practice.
  • Middle School

    Middle School
    After three awesome years in middle school at Park View, I wanted to end on a high note by graduating 8th Grade with all A's and honors. My hard work & determination payed off in the end. I was very happy.
  • Who Club & Volunteering

    Who Club & Volunteering
    Starting Freshmen year at Niles West was fun. What was even better was being able to join a club I really liked. In this case, I joined Who Club. Who Club to me is really fun because we get to help charities & different organizations out by raising/earning money. It feels good to help people in need.
  • Swim Team at Niles West

    Swim Team at Niles West
    I always dreamt of being part of the Niles West Girls' Swim Team. I loved swimming when I was a kid, but now it looks like it would be cool to join a team, compete, and win golden medals.
  • Part-Time Job

    Part-Time Job
    Before graduating highschool, I want to find myself a part-time job that can earn me some money. I wouldn't mind working a couple hours a day after school. I would love to try and work at a clothing store such as Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, or even American Eagle Outfitters. This would help me later on to find a job.
  • Graduating Highschool

    Graduating Highschool
    Graduating from Niles West after four years with straight A's, honors, and even a scholarship would be pretty amazing. I want to do well and make my parents and myself proud.
  • University of llinois

    University of llinois
    After graduating Highschool, I would like to attend the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. It's one of the Big Ten schools, has a great campus, and gives you a great start to a great carrer.
  • Buying a car

    Buying a car
    My dream car is probably a black/silver Lamborghini. It looks like a cool sports car to be driving around town with. I would like to get this car after graduating college.
  • Skydiving with friends

    Skydiving with friends
    Skydiving is one of the most fun looking things to do. I think it would be fun to fall out of an airplane into the open sky and be free falling down.
  • Chicago Bulls

    Chicago Bulls
    It's always been my dream to actually go to a Chicago Bulls basketball game. I watch them play on t.v. and always wished that I was there in the crowd. They are my favorite team in the league.
  • Japan

    Traveling to Japan would be awesome. I would love to go there to see their new modern technology and taste their yummy Japanese food, like sushi.
  • Getting Married

    Getting Married
    Around the age of 30, I would like to meet my husband, soon get married, and maybe start a family by having like two kids.
  • Buying a House

    Buying a House
    I would love to stay & live in Illinois or even move to New York, Florida, or even California. My dream is to buy a 2 story house with a rock climbing wall and a pool in the backyard.
  • Full-Time Job

    Full-Time Job
    I want to start earning more money by finding a full-time job as enither an engineer or maybe even a business type related person.
  • Vietnam

    It would be so cool to visit Vietnam someday because that's where I'm from, its my culture and background. I want to see what they have in Vietnam compared to America.
  • Winning the Lottery

    Winning the Lottery
    Just once, I would want to try to win the lottery, have all that money, and be rich. It would be the best feeling in the world to guess the right numbers and win. Its cool to see people win when I was younger, but now I want to win myself.
  • President of the United States of America

    President of the United States of America
    When I'm 53 years old, I want to go meet the president of the U.S. It doesn't matter who it is, as long as I get to go meet the president, shake his hand, and maybe even go inside the white house. This would be a great opportunity to learn about our country.
  • Grammys Award Show

    Grammys Award Show
    I have been watching the Grammys since I was a little kid. I love seeing different artists and bands perform their smash hits and its fun being able to sing along or dance at home, but I would love to go to one of these awards shows and sit front row seat to the stage. It would be a dream come true.
  • No debt

    No debt
    At this time in life, I want to be debt free, pay all the bills, and live my life happy and not worry about anything.
  • Grandchildren

    Having grandchildren and playing with them would be amazing. It would be so much fun to talk to them and tell them stories about when you were a little kid. I can't wait to share awesome memories with them.
  • Happy & Fun & Healthy Life

    Happy & Fun & Healthy Life
    I want to live my life happy, fun, healthy, and with no regrets. You only live once and need to make the best of it.
  • 100 years old

    100 years old
    I would be so happy to live till the age of 100. I want to do everything I can to live this long, whether its eating right or exercising, I'm gonna do it and I hope it pays off.