World History Timeline

  • Period: to

    Chapter 8 Timespan

  • Revolt in Haiti

    Toussaint L'Ouverture led 100,000 enslaved Africains in a revolt
  • Toussaint takes control

    Toussaint had taken control of the entire island and freed all the enslaved Africans
  • Toussaint Dies

    Toussaint dies as a prisoner in the French Alps
  • Haiti gains independence

    General Dessalines declared the colony of Haiti an independent country
  • Revolts in Spainish Colonies

    Napoleon's conquest of Spain in 1808 triggered revolts in the Spainish Colonies
  • Rebellions break out in several parts of Latin America

  • Bolivar wins Venezuela's independence

  • Brazil declares independence

  • Battle of Ayacucho

    This last major battle in the war for independence. Spanish colonies in Latin America win their freedom
  • Year of Revolutions

  • Greece is Independent

    The Greeks are first, and set of the cahin reaction in 1830. Britain, Russia , and France signed a treaty guaranteeing an independent kingdom of Greece
  • Belguim is next

    Belguim gains independence from the Dutch. This is due to the Brussels Riots.
  • Italy gains independence

    Unification Revolts let Italy gain its independence. Metternich restores order
  • Poland also gains independence

  • Charles X abdicated the throne

  • Revolutions Erupt in Europe

    Ethnic uprisings erupted throughout Europe
  • Louis-Philippe fell from popular favor

  • Moderate Constitution was drawn

  • Revolutions in 1848

    Revolutions In Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and France
  • Some Suceeded, Most Failed

  • Italy is United

  • Franco-Prussian War is Declared

  • German Unification

    fCaptured French palace is the final Stage of German Unification
  • Empires Break Up

    Autrian Empire and the Ottoman Empire break up after WWI
    The Russian Empire crumbled in 1917.
    (these didn't actually happen in 1899, just couldn't put the real dates on the time span)