VTverdokhleb French Rev.

  • Divided French Society and Financial Troubles

    Divided French Society and Financial Troubles
    Those troubles broke out because rumors of lowering the workers salary, even though the prices were rising all over. Most of the people suffered from unemplyement and starvation while the clergy and nobles lived a great life. people of the third estate fought against the government saying that the first and second estates should pay taxes too. these unfair treatments led to lots of violence.
  • Louis XVI Calls the Estates General

    Louis XVI Calls the Estates General
    Bankruptcy in France made Louis XVI call the Estates General. It's like the Congress. The citizens of each estate wrote everything they wanted to talk about at the meeting in a book. The book included taxes and the freedom of the press. Representatives who owned land could then be elected. The people of the third estate created the National Assembly and refused to stop untill a new Constitution was made.
  • Parisians Storm the Bastille

    Parisians Storm the Bastille
    The Bastille meant alot to France. It showed the years of hardship. This battle made Louis XVI realize how serious the problems are in France. This battle is celebrated as the day when the people of France gained their independence.
  • Revolt/National Asembly Acts

    Revolt/National Asembly Acts
    The National Assembly decided to take the land from churches to help out the people. The royal family tries to escape from France but fails. After that the citizens thought of them as traitors.
  • Revolt/National Assembly Acts

    Revolt/National Assembly Acts
    This began with unemployement, starving people and the rise of the price of food. Then rumors started spreading which was known as the "Great Fear". Peasants there became angry, so that led to alot of violence. The Decleration of the Rights of Men was made to bring equality to the people. This angered the women. They started protesting for rigts for women. Many of them were executed for this. Then the women marched to Versailles demanding tht the royal family moves nack to Paris.
  • Threats from Abroad

    Threats from Abroad
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    Political officials who wanted to put an end to all of the reforms.
  • Monarchy is Abolished

    Monarchy is Abolished
    The war turned worse each time. Citizens came to the royal palace and murdered the Kings guards. Then the citizens started demanding the National Convention which is a new form of legislature. That let all of the men vote. The people wanted to get a new contitution and put Louis XVI on trial as a traitor of France. He was then sentenced to death and then later his wife Marie Antoinette was executed.
  • Robespierre and the Reign of Terror

    Robespierre and the Reign of Terror
    Robespierre believed that violence was needed to have progress in the revolution. That became known as the Reign of Terror. The big part of this was the guillotine. That machine killed thousands of people during that time. Robespierre made his last speech in February which led him to being arrested.
  • Third Stage of the Revolution

    Third Stage of the Revolution
    The constitution of 1795 was created. There were many problems with starvation as the price of bread rose. The people looked up to Napoleon for help, who later became the ruler of France.
  • Spread of Nationalism

    Spread of Nationalism
    The 10 year revolution ended. France abolished its monarchy and had the churches under state control. All citizens had liberty and equality. The country had nationalism. Systems were made to help the poor and soldiers. Slavery was abolished and schools were made.