time line between october crisis and quebec referendum

  • October Crisis

    Members of the FLQ kidnapped James cross, a British diplomat
    in Montreal.
    FLQ wanted their members serving prison sentinces to be realesed for exchange for Cross.
  • October Crisis

    FLQ kidnapped Quebec labour minister pierre Laporte. Prime Minister Trudeau decided to take action. He asked pariment to impose to war measuement act.
  • October Crisis

    Federal troops were sent in to patrol the streets of Otawwa and Monteral. Hundres of Quebeckers were arrested.
  • October Crisis

    Police found the body of Pierre Laporte in the trunk of a car.
  • October Crisis

    Monteral police tracked down the people holding Cross.
    The kidnappers were given safe passage to Cuba for his relase.
  • The PQ In Power

    Parti Quebecois becomes the provincial government.
    Their goal was for Quebec to seprate from Canada.
    Top priority was to make French the main language.
    Non supporters and much of the rest of Canada disagreed.
  • 1980 referendum

    PQ held a referendum in hope of a "yes" vote to negotiate a new agreement with Canada to become politicaly indepentent while keeping a close economic association with Canada.
    Trudeau ran a strong campain promising to negotiate a new constitution.
    In the referendum the Quebecers lost with 40% vote.
  • Patriating the Constitution

    Federal government announces interest to pass resolution of unilaterally patriate the consition.
  • Patriating the Constitution

    9 of the 10 provincial premiers came up with the

    "Kitchen Compromise".
    They agreed to accept the charter if a escape clause was added.
  • Patriating the Constitution

    Trudeau had the new constituion signed by Queen Eliabeth the second.
  • The Meech Lake Accord

    PM Mulroney called the premiers to a conference at Meech Lake where he proposed changes to the constitution.
    It was offered to recognize Quebec as a distinct society, and gave more power to other provincies.
    There was many Canadians against these ideas.
    Manitoba and Newfoundland withheld their support, as a result The Meech Lake Accord fell apart in june 1990
  • The Charlottetown Accord

    Prime Minister Mulroney and the preimers came up with another package of proposed constitutional changes.
    This was similar to the Meech Accord and answered Quebecs concerns.
    The Charlottetown Accord wanted to reform the senate, and supported aboriginal self government.
    A referendum was held in october 1992.
    54.5% said no.
  • referendum of 1995

    In the separist Parti Quebecois was in power.
    Premier Jacques Parizeu called a provincial referendum on full sovereignty.
    50.6 voted no.