tim timeline

  • I'm here

    I'm here
    I was born July/28/2000 in Palos Heights hospital. The people I was born to are Denis and Carol Tischer.
  • class #1

    class #1
    My first class I would take is biology because I get straight A's in it. Also because I enjoy doing chemistry.
  • Hello 8th grade

    Hello 8th grade
    Woo Hoo! It's 8th grade and I get to pick an axcelerated class! I would choose axcelerated art because I am a very excelent artist.
  • See ya 8th grade!

    See ya 8th grade!
    Yeah! It's 8th grade and it's almost graduation I need to get a couple of things accomplished. I have to get in the yearbook, be student council President, and see the cooper house win the hawk house competition.
  • Astros!

  • Class #2

    Class #2
    An other class I hope to be in is socialstudies because I exceed in it. Also I always get A's in socialstudies.
  • March!

    When I'm in high school I wish to play in The Marching Astros. If they accept me I would play percussion.
  • Keyboarding

    I would choose keyboard because I want to learn how to work with the computer.
  • Art

    I would choose to take art because it's my favorite pasttime. I always draw or sketch when I'm bored or have nothing to do.
  • AHHHHH! College

    AHHHHH! College
    I'm almost out of high school and I havent seen my grades yet so I might not get into college. Also I might not have a good GPA. And I might not have enough money saved up to go to college.
  • Time to get a Job!

    Time to get a Job!
    When I get a job I want to go into technology. What i specifically want to do is create games. Especially ones that people will love and never want to stop playing.
  • Good Bye U Of I Hello Life

    Good Bye U Of I Hello Life
    This is the most significant part of my life college graduation. I want all of my close relatives to be here to see it. I think I will be very nervous because I get nervous easily.
  • A New World

    A New World
    When I'm 23 I would like to get married. I would like to get married in October Because it's my favorite month because Halloween is in October.
  • Congrats

    When I'm 25 I would like to have a baby boy or girl. If it's a boy I would name it Alek. if it's a girl I would name it Ginger.
  • Vroom Vroom

    Vroom Vroom
    When I'm 27 I want to be able to ride dow n a mountain on a snow mobile at max speed.
  • Caching$$

    When I'm 29 I'd like to create an award winning pc game. Like the top rated game MINECRAFT created by Mojang.
  • 1st Grade

    It's my first childs first day of first grade. I hope that he goes to Hazel Green. Thats where I went to elementary school.
  • Bye Bye World

    I wish to live until I'm 98 because I've been a haelthy person my whole life.