The seven ages of man by Sujei Mendez

  • new born

    When you a new born is the best part of life well in my opinion because you dont worry about anything you just leave life.
  • School girl

    Well school girl I was 5 and i liked this age because at school all I did was color and drawing and to i didnt worry about anything I didnt get introuble.. My parents use to buy me everything I use to like that age.
  • Teenager (love)

    at age 17 i want to start working to help my parents and to have money when i go to college. I know ima be partying more well I already do.
  • solder

    At age 25 that when ima have to start working more and worry about paying bills and If i have kids already Ima have to worry about taking care of them and spend time with them which I would like to be a full time mom.
  • middle ages old

    Age 40 umm ima be old but at this age I would worry about my kids becuse they would be older and Ima have to help them with school work and give them more time and talk to them.
  • oblivion nearing death

    Age 78 at that age I dont have to worry about anything ima be old already and my kids are the ones that sopose to take care of me thats if am still leaveing.