The road to Mexican idependents

  • Marques de Rubi Report

    He had just traveled some 7,600 miles, from the Gulf of California to Louisiana, on a 23-month inspection tour. His report recommended that Spain reorganize its frontier defenses in a cordon of fifteen presidios more or less along the current U.S.-Mexico border. The report also recommended that Spain maintain only San Antonio and Santa Fe to the north of this line; abandon East Texas completely; and undertake a war of extermination against the Lipan Apaches. More than four years passed before a
  • United Sates gains Independence

    Additiionally, someone indicated the war with England ended around 1781
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty was sgined on 1783 between United Colines and Great Britian.Then the war of Independents actully involed France,Spain and the Netherlands.
  • French Revolution begins

    The Revolution began when the Estates-General met on May 5, 1789. Many Nobles and some of the clergy followed the Third Estate, in starting the long revolution. They changed the name of their gathering from Estates General to the National Assembly, which represented all of the people of France, thus doing away with representation by class.
  • Louisiana Purchaes

    Louisiana Purchaes
    United States purchased from France the Louisiana Territory, more than 2 million sq km (800,000 sq mi) of land extending from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. The price was 60 million francs, about $15 million; $11,250,000 was to be paid directly, with the balance to be covered by the assumption by the United States of French debts to American citizens
  • Cry of Delores

    Cry of Delores
    He exhorted his following to take up arms and join him in his fight against the injustices of the Spanish colonial system and within moments he had an army of some 600 men. This action became known as the "Grito de Dolores" or "Cry of Dolores" and today Mexicans celebrate September 16 as their Independence Day
  • Battle of Medina

    Battle of Medina
    Fought on August 18, 1813, it was more deadly than any other battle in the wars for Texas independence, it is linked to Mexico’s long history of struggle. It occurred in the same year that Haiti got independence, and in the middle of the War of 1812, which helps to obscure the history of the battle.
  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    Spanish Crown, thus initiating Mexico's War of Independence. The country did not achieve independence until 1821, but it is this event, known as the Grito de Dolores which is commemorated every year in town squares across Mexico