The Progression of the French Revolution

  • Period: to

    The Old Regime

    The Absolute Monarchy under the Borbon dynasty
  • the Estates General Meets

    The Estates General meets and prepares to debate taxes
  • The National Assembly

    The representatives of the Third Estate declare themselves the National Assembly representing the will of the people
  • The Tennis Court Oath

    After being locked out of their meeting place, the National Assembly met in an indoor tennis court and made the oath that they would not stop meeting until a constitution was made for the citizens of France
  • Jaques Necker is fired from the Council

    After an inaccurate debt report was published to the public, Jaques is fired from the Council
  • The Storming of th Bastile

    Parisians serching for weapons stormed the Bastile in the hopes of finding arms to fight with
  • The Abolishment of Feudalism

    The National Assembly abolished Feudalism, but Feudalism was basically dead in the water already
  • The Rights of Man and the Citizen

    The National Assembly creates the Rights of Man and the Citizen, creating inalienable rights for those who were male, whether they owned propety or not
  • The Women's March on Versailles

    Unsatisfied women marched on the royal palace of Versailles, where the king and his family was holed up
  • The Civil Constitution of the Clergy

    The passing of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, nationalizing the church in France
  • The flight to Varennes

    The king and some of their servants fled, dressed like servants and nobles respectively, tried to flee the country
  • The adjourning of the National Assembly

    The National Assembly finishes their Constitution, and gets Louie XVI to sign it
  • First Declaration of War

    The French nation declares war on Austria
  • Defeat of the Advancing Prussians

    The Prussians were defeated at Valmy and forced back
  • The creation of a French Republic

    The government of France failed at governing, and a republic was created
  • Defeat of the Austrian Army

    The Austrians were defeated at th battle of Jemapes, and France began to take control of the Austrian Netherlands
  • The execution of Louie XVI

    Louis was executed publicly via guillotine
  • Period: to

    The Reign of Terror

    The period of time during which the Jacobins took over the government
  • The arrest of Robespierre

    A group of Reactionaries imprisoned Robespierre and other leading figures in the Reign of Terror
  • Period: to

    The Directory

  • the end of the Consulate

    Napoleon is 'Elected' Emperor
  • The Coup of Bonaparte

    Napoleon stages a coup against te Directory and succedes
  • Period: to

    The Consulate

  • Period: to

    Napoleoninc Empire

  • Founding of the Confederation of the Rhine

    A state acting as a buffer between France and the German Empires
  • Battle of Paris

    Interested in taking France, The members of Britan and Russia invaded and took Paris. This event led to the Abdicatio of Napoleon