The Latin American Revolution

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    Latin american Revolution

    The Creoles led the the Latin American Revolution because they wanted independence. The idea that influenced them was natural rights, it came from the Enlightment.
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    Brazil's Royal Liberator

    In 1807 , Napolean armies invaded both Spain and Portugal. In 1815 Napolean was defeated, in 1822 Creoles demanded Brazil's independence from Portugal.
    On september 7, 1822 he officially declared Brazil's independence. Brazil had won it's independence in a bloodless revolution.
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    Spanish Rule Ends

    On September 16, 1810 padre Miguel Hild
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    Bolivar leads the Creoles to victory

    In 1811 Venezuela declared it's independence from spain. A turning point came in August 1819. In 1830 Bolivar led 2,000 soliders on a daring march through the andes. He got exiled twice. (kicked out the country)
    In 1821 he won Venezuelas independence. he marched South into Equador, there he met Jose de San Martin. Together they would decide the future of the Latin American Revolutionary movement.
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    Southern Liberation Forces

    In 1817 San Martin led an army across the Andes to Chile, In 1822 San Martin and Bolivar disscussed this problem when they met in Guayaquil, Equador.
    The future countries of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Equador were united into one country called Gran Columbia.
    They future countries of Venezuela, Clolmbia, Panama, and Equador were united into one country called Grand Clolmbia