the history of sudan

  • Period: to

    slave tradeing

    the south-western region of bahr al-ghazal was one of the most prominent centers of slave tradeing on the african continent
  • Period: to

    rise of the jallaba

    the jallaba came in increaseing numbers to southern sudan
  • reement in addis ababa

    Nimeiri initiated negotiations with the southern rebels and signed an agreement in Addis Ababa
  • islamic army

    an Islamic army faction, led by General Umar al-Bashir mounted a coup and installed the National Islamic Front.
  • Period: to

    growing of the arab center

    a growing sense of alienation in the western and eastern regions of Sudan from the Arab center
  • assassination attempt

    the U.N. imposed sanctions for alleged connections to the assassination attempt on Egyptian President Mubarak
  • prospects for peace

    In mid-2001, with prospects for peace in Sudan appearing fairly remote, the Bush Administration named former Senator John Danforth as its Presidential Envoy for Peace in the Sudan
  • agreement

    the Government of Sudan and the SPLM/A reached a historic agreement on the role of state and religion and the right of southern Sudan to self-determination
  • final elements

    In keeping with their commitment to the UNSC, the Government of Sudan and the SPLM/A initialed the final elements of the comprehensive agreement