Sudan: History and Development

  • The Rise of the Jallaba

    The Rise of the Jallaba
    The northern Muslim traders "Jallaba" mostly from Ja'aliyyin and Danagla tribs, traveled to southern Sudan because of the slave trade business. This group became wealthy and powerful in that community because of their slave trade business.
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  • Period: to

    The Start and Finish of Conflict in Sudan

    This is the time period of great conflict in Sudan.
  • The British are Comming

    The British are Comming
    The British are coming into Sudan because of the amount and quality of resources they aquirer. They paid natives to capture their own people and sell them to the British for other goods such as wepons.
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  • Map of Sudan

    Map of Sudan
    The capital of Sudan is Khartoum
    Sudans neighboring counrtries are Congo, Central African Republic, Uganda, Ethiopia, Chad, Libya, Egypt, Eritrea.
    The major river that runs through Sudan is The Nile River
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  • World War Two Begins

    World War Two Begins
    The Nazi leader Adolf Hitler lead the Nazi regim through Europe in order to terminate the Jewish, Homosexual, African American, etc. races and communities. The United States refused to enter the war until the coast of Hawwaii was attacked by Japan. Around 8 million jewish people were killed and thousands upon thousands more people were killed from other races and religions. Wikipedia
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The Japanese attcked the U.S. on the coast of Hawaii on December 7, 1941. The United States retaliated by dropping two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They dropped the atomic bomb Big Boy on Hiroshima at 8:15 in the morning on August 8 1945. This was the bigger of the two bombs dropped on Japan. Japan.
  • Native Administration

    The West and South of Sudan were maintained under the "native administration". This was run by the chiefs and religious frigures in the south and west of Sudan. This was identified as colonial goverment, and had very little social and economic devolpment.
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  • Independence FINALLY!

    Independence FINALLY!
    Up until this point, the country of Sudan did not have independance and was controlled by different countries. Finally, the people of Sudan got ower to control their country. This became hard for the citizens of south Sudan because there were not many resources and the quality of life was low in South
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  • The Second Civil War

    The second civil war was triggered when southern soliders mutined rather than followed orders transferring them to the north,thus causing conflict betwen the two sides. This started the second civil war in Sudan and this being the biggest war out of the two.
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  • Shari'a Law Incorrporated within Goverment???

    Shari'a Law Incorrporated within Goverment???
    Shari'a Law was incoorrporated with in the goverment in Sudan which angered many citizens. If you commited a crime against Shari'a Law then you were punished severly. Such as, if you had alcohol in your possetion then you could recive a public lashing. Also, body parts could be amputated if you stole something. This was very harsh to the citizens of Sudan and against their religion and rights.
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  • Moachakos Protocal

    Moachakos Protocal
    The agreement that ended the civil war and all conflict betweent he two side sof Sudan was called the Machakos Protocol. The agreement was called this because it is a town in Kenya where peace disscusions were held.
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  • General Nimeiri is Overthrown

    General Nimeiri acted as the commander for Khartoum, he also ran chamigns against the rebals from the south during the civil war in Sudan. Nireiri was overthown because of political represion, war in the south, and a collapsing economy. class artical
  • North took the oil

    North took the oil
    The north and south are fighting over the amount of oil they get. Unfourtally the north has the most pumps for the oil, thus leaving the south out to dry and making almost no income for the area. This causing major conflict between the two sides of Sudan because the north was taking oil and keeping everthing for themselves.
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  • Clean Slate

    Clean Slate
    The citzens of South Sudan were dying at a fast rate. There was poverty, violence, and famine, which destoryed so many things for the Sudanese people. In a political artoon it shows a women and her children staring a empty plate. They state, "So this what they said you'll start on a clean slate." Meaning there is basically
    Political Cartoon
    Political cartoon
    nothing for them and their survival chances are extreamly slim.
  • Brng Down That Wall

    Brng Down That Wall
    On this day the Berlin Wall which separated the east and west of Berlin in Germany started to be taken down by the citisens of either side of the city. It was put up by the Allied powers from WWII, which was separated into four zones occupied by the US, Soviet Union, France and Britian.
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  • China has all the oil

    China has all the oil
    China wa staking most of the oil from Sudan and making a large prophet from it. The UN refused to do anything about it thogh because China has a very good economy and if the UN did anything to upset China they would veto anything, including anything about Sudan.
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