Sudan history

  • Period: to

    Turko-Egyptian rule of Sudan

    Africa educationTurko-Egyptian army and the North raided the South for timber, slaves, ivory, and gold. Caused the Condominium Agreement. Led by Muhammad Ali. Sudanese were forced to go to Egypt and many died. Sudanese regained control and ended it by capture of Khartoum.
  • Period: to

    British Colonization of Sudan

    Eisa.orgBritain united with Egypt and attacked Kush, or Sudan. Suppressed slave trade. Invested in north and ignored the south to nurture Christianity through education.
  • The Southern Policy was sanctioned

    The Southern Policy was sanctioned
    Picture (New Sudan Vision)The people in the south are ignored because Britain claimed them to be "underdeveloped and unfit for modernization". Since then only certain missionaries are allowed in and out and the infrastructure is barely touched.
  • Period: to

    First Civil War

    (Global security)Partly led by Anya Nya before it was Anya Nya, caused by difference in north and south. Southern Sudanese are being excluded from the government, and the seperatists began a low-intensity war on N. Sudan because of the promised federal system that never appeared
  • Sudan's Independence from Britain

    Sudan's Independence from Britain
    (Global Solutions)SourceBritain went back on the Southern Policy and opened the door to southerners. A new government is made to prepare for independence, but it is unfair to the south.
  • Anya Nya is created

    Anya Nya is created
    Source for picture(Sudan Tribune)started as a loose organization of rebels named after snake poison. Gained popularity over the violent government. Composed of the veterans of the war of 1955.
  • Nimeiri becomes president

    Nimeiri becomes president
    Picture(African Argument)
    Borrowed massively from other countries. Made religious groups have more political influence. Annihilated other groups in the area even though it’s supposed to be democratic. Ended the civil war 1, but created inflation and riots and made foreign relationships poor.
  • Oil!

    Picture(EISA)A large deposit of oil was located in Southern Sudan. The southerners should have the oil, but only the North can process it. This leads to the fact that the north claims all the money from the trading, and therefore increasing the conflict. They fight for it until this day.
  • SPLM/A is created

    SPLM/A is created
    Picture(SPLM today)Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army, armed struggle or uprising,
  • Period: to

    Second Civil War

    (mtholyoke)Southern Sudan, 1.9 million dead and 4 million+ escaped, contributed by the oil and silt and religion in the South
  • Major Famine of Sudan

    Picture source(HRW.org)Caused from human right abuse and war and rebels
  • Omar Al-Bashir becomes president

    Omar Al-Bashir becomes president
    Did not stop Janjaweeds, dissolved the Paraliament, Tried to peace talk but failed. Was president until now because no other groups are allowed, and therefore no other candidates. Eliminated the constitution of 1985 and abused the freedom of press
  • ICC declares the killing of Darfur civillians as genocide

    ICC declares the killing of Darfur civillians as genocide
    (Geo politicus)Protest of the ignorance of the government on the Darfur. At least 2 million people evacuated. Janjaweeds paid to do ethnic cleansing
  • Darfur conflicts start

    Darfur conflicts start
    (BBC)When the SPLM/A and JEM started attacking government people with the reason of racism, this started. Plane airstrikes are often followed by Janjaweeds, though they say they’re unafflicted with each other.
  • South Sudan's independence

    South Sudan's independence
    (VOA news)Currently has problems with bloated money, corruption, army size, and unemployment. The president Salva Kiir hopes to use public money to do things like education and employment for all. Accused Sudan for stealing and bombarding oil fields along an undefined border. Separated but still has border problems with Sudan.