Sudan from Then Until Now

  • Period: to

    Turko-Egyptian Rule

    Turko Egyptian Forces led by by Muhammad'Ali took control over Sudan. People all-over were forced to increase their taxes and speak Turkish. But soon after that the native people in Sudan started to fight back and in the end they finally managed to capture the capital city, Khartoum. And soon after that the Turko- Egyptian Rule has ended. (ppt)
  • British Colonization of Sudan

    British Colonization of Sudan
    The British invaded Sudan to expand their country.
  • British Southern Policy

    The British Southern Policy was that during when the British was in control of Sudan the British divided Sudan into two parts Southern and Northern Sudan. This did not benefit the south because most of the provinces that were undeveloped were ignored by the british. This angered the south. (ppt)
  • 1st Civil war in Sudan

    1st Civil war in Sudan
    The first civil war in Sudan between the North and south Sudan.
  • Sudan's Independence From England

    Sudan's Independence From England
    When Sudan was declared independence.
  • Anyanya

    Anyanya is the rebel army of Southern Sudan. It was formed during 2nd Civil war
  • Nimeiri becomes President in Sudan

    Nimeiri took over the government by becoming President of Sudan. Instead of making Sudan a democratic country he abolished all parties that were against him making him a dictator.
  • The end of the First civil war

  • SPLM/A is created

    SPLM/A is created
    The SSLM/A ( Southern Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army) is a political party that was against the government.These people are another rebel group apart from Anyanya.
  • Oil first discovered in Southern Sudan

    Oil first discovered in Southern Sudan
    Southern Sudanese people were exited about this because they heard about the Arabs and which they use to be poor but since after their country discovered oil their people were known to be rich. The North tried to take it and use it for their own benefits. (ppt) Image: www.cleveland.com
  • 2nd Civil War in Sudan

    The start of the 2nd Civil war in Sudan.
  • Omar-Al Bashir becomes President

    Omar-Al Bashir becomes President
    Omar Al Bashir took out Nimeiri out of his power and replaced it with his own. He is still the current president of Sudan. (ppt) Image: http://www.bet.com/news/global/photos/world-lens/2012/09/world-lens-week-in-review-rick-ross-raps-in-nigerian-slum.html#!022712-global-africa-big-men-omar-al-bashir
  • Major Famine in Sudan

    During the year 1989 a massive drought hit Sudan. This made the crops didn't grow. The north did not let the Aid Agencies to come and assist the south because they were afraid that it would strengthen up the SPLA. This caused many deaths throught out Southern Sudan. (ppt) Image : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_East_Africa_drought
  • Darfur Conflict Starts

    Darfur Conflict Starts
    In 2003 there was a conflict starting in the Wstern Sudan rebels which were against the Northern Sudan government. They were protesting that they were being ignored because of their black skin and mulim beliefs. (ppt) Image : http://marranci.com/2007/10/14/bones-and-dust-the-forgotten-tragedy-of-darfur/
  • ICC declares genocide in Sudan

    ICC declares genocide in Sudan
    The ICC (International Crimes Court) declared that Omar Al- Bashir is an international criminal and declared that there was genocide in Sudan. (ppt) Image: http://betterpropaganda.com/album_page.aspx?id=1014
  • End of 2nd Civil War

    The 2nd Civil War has finally reached its end. (ppt)
  • Southern Sudan became Independent

    Southern Sudan became Independent
    Southern Sudan became independent by becoming a free country. (ppt) Image: http://www.commsmea.com/12201-etisalat-connects-to-south-sudan/