Lord Resistance Army of Uganda

By talhaz
  • LRA Surprise Attack

    LRA Surprise Attack
    Joseph Kony was seen first in a surprise attack on civilian target, such as villages. They were very successful, they were able to kidnap more childrens in the start since no one knew about them. they used to carry a scale for the childrens they kidnaped to show that how weak their government is to protect its people.
  • Yoweri Museveni Overthrows President Milton Obote

    Yoweri Museveni Overthrows President Milton Obote
    Yoweri Museveni, the leader of the National Resistance Army, overthrows President Milton Obote and becomes president of Uganda. After becoming a president he began to rooting out enemies starting from the Acholi ethnic group of northern Uganda. Alice Lakwena, Acholi women put together a rebel group called the Holy Spirit Mobile Forces against Museveni government. there was another rebel group called Uganda People’s Democratic Army. Joseph Kony serves as a Catholic preacher to the UPDA.
  • Operation North

    Operation North
    LRA was given support from Acholi population. the oppositions started an operation called "Operation North” which combined the effort to destroy the LRA. Betty Oyella Bigombe, the lady was in charge of the group, created bows and arrows for the group but was overpowered by LRA because they were provided with more modern weapons.
    Later in march: The LRA and the government had their first face to face meeting and Kony rejected to surrender but agreed to go back home, but he did'nt.
  • Extreme Violence

    Extreme Violence
    VideoIn 1994 LRA and ugandan government had their second meeting, where LRA broke of the negotiation. President Yoweri Museveni announced the LRA to surrender in 7 days. 2 weeks after they established that the LRA fighter and Kony had crossed the northern border and were in Sudan. Sudan’s government supported LRA. And thats when Kony started his real violence towards the civilians with his increasing military. He kidnapped a mass number childrens, youth and cut their ears, noses, and lips.
  • Aboke Abduction

    Aboke Abduction
    The most famous abduction of the children take place in 1996. It was named the Aboke abduction where LRA kidnapped 139 female students from St. Mary's College. The headmistress of the college named Rachele Fassera from Italy pursued the rebels and then negotiated the release of 109 of the girls. This abduction caught the eyes of the world and started to spread. Ugandan government forced more than two million people in the protected villages but things just got worse there.
  • LRA on the List

    LRA on the List
    The USA government place LRA on a list of terrorist organization. Because of the september 11 attack on America changed their relation with Sudan and Uganda. Thousands of displaced civilians returned back home from war. About half a million people were displaced by the conflicts in Uganda and people were talking about disbanding the protected camps.
  • Finding Kony

    Finding Kony
    The sudan government agreed to find and defeat the LRA since LRA were in southern Sudan and northern Uganda. This operation was called “Operation Iron Fist”. This operation failed and the LRA respond in a brutal attack on the civilians of both Uganda and Sudan. After several of months LRA began to crossed the border back to Uganda carrying out brutal attacks on the scale which has not been seen since 1995 and 1996.
  • International Criminal Court Investigation

    International Criminal Court Investigation
    President Museveni requests the International Criminal Court to investigate the crimes committed by LRA against humanity and wars in northern Uganda. President Museveni was very disappointed because this was not getting world’s attention and no one was doing anything about it. President Museveni said, "I cannot find any other part of the world that is having an emergency on the scale of Uganda.”
  • LRA's Rebeling

    LRA's Rebeling
    VidioLRA keeps rebelling and kills more than 320 people and most of them were women and children's. The Ugandan government and LRA had face to face negotiation but the government fail to sign the peace agreement. LRA was very mad because a lot of kids escape from the LRA and ran to military
  • LRA more Powerful

    LRA more Powerful
    Diplomats reported that the Lord's Resistance army bought new weapons and they were recruiting new soldiers. LRA was getting 1,000 more soldiers adding to their 600. Uganda, South Sudan, and Congo-Kinshasa agreed to a plan to crush the LRA together. The rebellions killed 14 LRA soldiers in southern Sudan.