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    Sudan was in slave trades a lot until early this century. In the south part of Bahr al-Ghazal was one of the biggest slave trading in Africa. In countries such as Northern Sudanese and Turco-Egyptian the villages became under sttackd and they would be sold into countries such as Southern Sudan, Egypt, sometimes even across the Red Sea, etc. All of the slave
    trading from their own continent is wrong to begin with, but all of this wen't up to the 19th century.
    History of Sudan up to Independence
  • Closed Districts Ordinances

    The closed Districts Ordiances basically took the South and tied them up on a chain because they had strict controls . The Nuba Mountains, Darfur and Southern Blue Nile were now considered to need help and protection after they had made a peace treaty. They made this because it was supose to help them build and have a strong society. The question is: Do you think it worked?
    Source: History of Sudan up to Independece worksheet
    & Dictionary.com to look up the word pacification.
  • Eyes of the Southerners

    Eyes of the Southerners
    This is the time that Sudan wanted to be independent and run by itself without any other countries help.Only the North was represented at this conference.The South was not because they were considered to have no group or organization.We all know it is because of colonialization. http://www.gosonline.org/magnoliaPublic/en/about/politicalsituation.html .The picture is showing North from South, fair to unfair, colonization.http://www.goss-online.org/magnoliaPublic/en/about/politicalsituation.html
  • Map inside Sudan 1956

    Map inside Sudan 1956
    1.)The capital of Sudan is Khartoum
    2.) The neighbors are Egypt, Libya, Chad, Central Arican Republic, Uganda, Eithopia, Dinder National Parks, and Eritrea.
    3.)Nile River runs through Sadan, along with Blue Nile and White Nile. And it is right by the Red Sea.
    Example done with class.
  • Flag History

    Flag History
    The date was when the flag was adopted. " The black on the flag stands for Sudan, since in Arabic “Sudan" means black. The white symbolizes peace and the green represents Islam. The red color on the flag symbolizes the country’s struggle for independence. " http://www.mega-flags.com/Sudan-Flag-Sudani-Flag.html
    I siply chose this picture so that people can have a visual with a description.
  • Oil strikes!

    Oil strikes!
    Southern Sudan striks oil! And the Northern side of Sudan had the pumps and pipelines. The oil being found was one of the causes of the second civil war.Besides Northern and Southern Sudan bumping heads fighting for the oil...China comes in looking for some oil. Political Cartoons worksheet &
    The pictures shows everyone wanting the oil, and not helping.
  • Shari'a law

    Shari'a law
    This law had two main punishments from a code called Islamic Code. Amputations were made for anyone who stole. If you had alcohol possession they would have public lashings. These aren't the only two crimes, but these are the ones that happened the most and no one could do anything. Source:Second Civil War&Independence for the South worksheet.http://www.metro.co.uk/news/850495-sudan-woman-getting-whipped-in-youtube-video-causes-outrage
    This picture represents a cruel and disgusting punishment.
  • Nimeiri is overthrown!

    Nimeiri is overthrown!
    Many people say he was not doing his job.Especially because of the uprising in Khartoum. Also wasn't helping with the collapsing economy, the war (mostley in the South),and the political repression.He actually went to jail due to the "September Laws", because of his critisism. http://www.gurtong.net/Governance/PoliticalParties/UmmaParty/tabid/411/Default.aspx http://sudaneseassociation.blogspot.com/2012/06/nimeiris-share-of-one-million-dollars.html

    This is Nimeiri, unrecognizable to many.
  • Presidential Election

    Presidential Election
    The last election was in 2010, which Omar al-Bashir won. He has been president for many years. President Omar al-Bashir has been ruling Sudan sense 1989. People who have ran against him have dropped out, because to many people have favortied al-Bashir.
    This picture shows President Omar al-Bashir telling eveyone he isn't sure if he will run again. That is what the officials say.
  • Oil problem gone or back?

    Oil problem gone or back?
    Southern Sudan decided to cut off all oil pipelines after still not reaching an agreement. This caused a big commotion and can now envolve other countries in East Africa.
    I chose this picture because it represented the side for keeping the oil going or to shut it down.
  • Kids getting help.

    Kids getting help.
    3,900 and + chidren are being helped in Sudan. Many moters had been saying that their kids arms were so thin, and their bodies were so thin,it was making all their minds at ease. These kids are getting all the nutritients they need to survive at refugee camps. http://allafrica.com/stories/201211011131.html
    This picture was chosen because it can bring a lot of emotions and it makes people want to help the kids.