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By Hin123
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    Turko-Egyptian Rule of Sudan

    It all started in 1821 when Turko- Egyptian forces were led by Mohammed Ali,. They conquered Sudan in that time of period as well. Muhammad Ali made Sudanese people to cultivate cotton and were paid a lot. A lot of Sudanese people were forced to leave and go to Egypt and many people did not survive the trip. In 1885, Sudanese people conquered Khartoum from Turko- Egyptian made it stop in 1885.
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    British Colonization of Sudan

    Sudanese government was overthrown by Anglo- Egyptian forces including the Britians. During that time, the British was working with Egypt to control Sudan.That event made everything new like restoring new governments. In 1924, Egypt was removed from Sudan. The British made a new policy called the Southern policy and was divided into 2 parts. Image
  • Britain’s Southern Policy in Sudan

    Britain’s Southern Policy in Sudan
    The British separated Sudan into 2 parts. the North and the South. The conflict is the Southern Sudan became poor without the North. And basically, the British ignored the South.
  • Sudan’s Independence from Britain

    Sudan’s Independence from Britain
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    1st Civil War in Sudan

    ImageFirst Civil War started in 1955. During the war, southern region experienced civil strife, which made several southern leaders wanted to separate from the north. The main rebel were called, “Anya Nya.” In 1969, southern rebels developed a lot like on their weapons. Israel trained Anya Nya and supported them. In 1971, Joseph Lagu, the new southern leader forced and proclaimed the creation of Southern Sudan Liberation Movement (SSLM). Nimeiri believed that he could stop the Civil war and stabilize
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    Anya Nya is Created

    It started during the first Civil war. This group was created called the, “Anya Nya” which are rebels from the south in the war. These people were trained by example Israel and they had improvement or an upgrade on their weapons and gears. Image
  • Nimeiri Becomes President in Sudan

    Nimeiri Becomes President in Sudan
    It all started at 1969. Nimeiri became president of Sudan and he took all over in Sudan, normally. Sudan was supposed to be a democratic system but Nimeiri made it that he was the dictator. It’s dictatorship. In 1971, he abolished all political parties, no more parties. And he was elected again in 1971.
  • Oil is First Discovered in Sudan

    Oil is First Discovered in Sudan
    In 1978, oil was discovered in Sudan, which basically made the Sudanese people excited and they’re excited because it might mean about poverty and would replace with a high standard quality life. Even though oil was covered in the south, the south didn’t have full control of the oil because of the north.
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    2nd Civil War in Sudan

    It started when President Nimeiri introduce the Sharia Law and forgot some parts from 1972 about Peace. The second Civil War causes to have lack of resources in Sudan. The North tried to infiltrate the south and take control of the south since they have natural resources like oil. Image
  • SPLM/A is Created

    SPLM/A is Created
    SPLM/A started in 1983. It was about the rebel movement of rebels known as the, “SPLM/A” or the Southern People’s Liberation Movement/Army.
  • Omar Al-Bashir Becomes President

    Omar Al-Bashir Becomes President
    It all started in 1985. He was in power as president of Sudan in 1985. During when he was in power, he eliminated previous constitution of 1985, abused freedom pressed, eliminated unions, and eliminated all political parties except his own. He was voted to be president again in 2005 until now.
  • Major Famine in Sudan

    Major Famine in Sudan
    In 1989, a drought hit Sudan and there is crop plantation failure. Then the government declined to send famine relief into southern Sudan. That made thousands of innocent people starving. The famine caused inflation, leaving Sudan currency worthless, like people don’t have money anymore.
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    Darfur Conflict Starts

    This conflict started in 2003 which is Darfur, western Sudan. This was about like between the southern Sudanese and rebel groups. They were protesting about like they’re being ignored by the Sudan because they were racist because the Fur people were black Africans, and they don’t have much resources. Then the Janjaweed were hired to wipe out the rebels. Ethnic Cleansing happened and 2 million people were homeless and thousands of people died. Image
  • ICC Declares Genocide in Sudan

    ICC Declares Genocide in Sudan
    Well, the ICC or the International Crimes Court was doing mass murdering in Darfur, which terrorized millions of civilians, genocide. The ICC didn’t even take much action that much. I mean they didn’t take much action in that means that they didn’t take much action