• Turko-Egyptian Rule

    Turko-Egyptian Rule
    The Turko-Egyptians attack was led Muhammad Ali conquered Sudan on 1821. During the rule of Muhammad Ali, the citizens of Sudan were forced to grow cotton and were heavily taxed. Then in 1885, there was a group of Sudanese people, led by Muhammad Ahamad bin’ Abdallan captured the capital, Khartoum and the Turko-Egyptian rule met an end. The Sudan gained benefits from the Turko-Egyptian rules too like,trades with other countries. (Power Point)
  • British Colonization

    British Colonization
    The British were working with the Egyptians to try to conquer Sudan. With the influence of the British, the economy grew and the infrastructures changed. The British also restored law and instituted a modern government.(Power Point)
  • British Southern Policy

    British Southern Policy
    The British Divided the country, Sudan, into two seperate territories, Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan. The North are Muslim and speak Arabic but the Southare Christians and speak English. You need a passport to travel between these two territories because the British categorised the Northern and Southern as two different colonies.(Power Point)
  • First Civil War in Sudan

    First Civil War in Sudan
    The South disliked the decision of using Arabaic as the official language because they knew how to speak only English and this difference would not permit them to be part of the new government. Plus, out of the 800 government officials from the British, only 4 were from the South. With fear of the nation being dominated by the North, the first civil war of Sudan started.(Power Point)
  • Anya Nya is Created

    Anya Nya is Created
    Anya Nya was the main rebel group. The Southern rebels has made foreign contact. Israel trained their recruits and provided weapons. Same from Ethiopia and Uganda. Russia was the one who gave weapons to the North. (Power Point)
  • Nimeiri Becomes President of Sudan

    Nimeiri Becomes President of Sudan
    Nimeiri became president on May 9th 1969. On May 25th 1971, Nimeiri eliminated all the other political parties that were opposing him and when the elections came, there was nobody to go against Nimeiri so he got the president position. All the other elections went like this until 1985, when Nimeiri was replaced my Mohammed Taha. One of the good things Nimeiri Contributed to the country is te end of the civil war.(Power Point)
  • Oil was First Discovered in Southern Sudan.

    Oil was First Discovered in Southern Sudan.
    There was a lot of exitement because the citizens thought it would mean the end of poverty and a new age of wealth and prosperity was coming. But no, the North took the oil and kept it for themselves. (Power Point)
  • SPLM/A

    The SPLM/A's full name is the Southern People Liberation Movement/Army. It was created during the 2nd civil war.(Power Point)
  • Second Civil War

    It started when Nimeiri introduced Sharia law, which contradicted with some of the agreements when peace was made on 1972. South Sudan has nots of resources and full access to the Nile river. The North didn't have a lot of resources and limted access to the Nile river, therefore the North tried to control the South's resources, causing resentment. (Power Point)
  • Major Famine in Sudan

    Major Famine in Sudan
    In 1989 a huge drought struck, causing shortage or water and rainfall. The crops wouldn't grow and the government wouldn't help the Southern citizens of Sudan because of fear of benefitting the enemy, the SPLA. Lots of organizations tried to aid the Sudanese but these organizations were kicked out. (Power Point)
  • Omar Al-Bashir Becomes President

    Omar Al-Bashir Becomes President
    When Omar Al-Bashir is in power, he abused the press, eliminated unions and took down any other political parties other than his own. When he was elected again in 2005, there was a protest and the SPLA was also violently protesting, causing another civil war. Omar Al-Bashir is wanted by the ICC because of the genocide in Darfur. (Power point)
  • Darfur Conflict Starts

    Darfur Conflict Starts
    The rebels were protesting about beig ignored and neglected. The Ara militias or known as the Janjaweeds were paid by the govenmen to fight hese rebels. The Jajaweeds started to cause damage to the Darfu populatons. They were causing displacement, rape cases, starvaton, torture, murdur.(Power Point)
  • Southern Sudan Independence Day

    Southern Sudan Independence Day
    This is the day that the Southern Sudan became a seperate country from the Northern Sudan. The Replubic of South Sudan was declaring Independence and it was Africa's 54th state. President, Omar Al-bashir, who was a war-crime suspect was letting this go and let them declare independence. (Nytimes.com)