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History Of Sudan

  • Start Of Turko-Eygptian Rule of Sudan

    Start Of Turko-Eygptian Rule of Sudan
    In 1821, Sudan was ruled using Turko-Egyptian forces. This was led by Muhammad Ali. Many Sudanese people had to cultivate cotton. They were also heavily taxed. While many people left Sudan for Egypt, hundreds did not make it that far. The Turko-egyptian rule ended when Muhammad Ahamad bin Abdallan's group captured Khartoum, which was the capital. However, the Turko-Egyptian rule still had it’s benefits such as trade with other countries and an introduction to Arabic culture and language. (ppt)
  • End of Turko-Egyptian Rule

    End of Turko-Egyptian Rule
  • Start Of British Colonization of Sudan

    Start Of British Colonization of Sudan
    This was a time where a brand new era is being introduced in Sudan. Great Britain is working with Egypt to control Sudan. The British colonization affected sudan in many ways.It restored law, helped the economy, and also provided a modern government. (ppt) image
  • Britain’s South Policy in Sudan

    Britain’s South Policy in Sudan
    Britain South Policy is basically a policy that divides Sudan into 2 parts. Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan. This is one of the most important parts of Sudanese history because, little did anyone know, this would cause nearly one hundred more years of war and violence. Britain chose to develop the north, but ignored the South. I think that this contributes to the conflict in Sudan because without the Britain there would not be any Civil Wars in Sudan. Most of the fighting is between the North
  • Start Of 1st Civil War in Sudan

    Start Of 1st Civil War in Sudan
    imageIn 1946, the British tried to make only 1 government in the entire Sudan. However, because of the Southern Policy, the North And the South still had many differences. The North were Arabs and Muslims and spoke Arabic. The South was Christian and spoke English. The new government was unfair to the South, and it sided towards the North, because only 4 of the 800 officials were from the South. This meant that Southern ideas would often be looked over. The official language is Arabic.(ppt)
  • Anya Nya is Created

    Anya Nya is Created
    Anya Nya is the name for the main rebel group in South Sudan during the 1st Civil War which lasted 17 years. The Anya Nya already had foreign contacts in order to get weapons by 1969. Anya Nya recruits were being trained by Israel and Ethiopia and Uganda supplied weapons. However, the Soviet Union (Russia) was supplying weapons to the North. Joseph Lagu created the SSLM (Southern Sudan Liberation Movement) in 1971. (ppt)
  • End Of British Colonization of Sudan

    End Of British Colonization of Sudan
  • Sudan’s Independence from Britain

    Sudan’s Independence from Britain
    Sudan began to fight for independence in 1938. Then, in 1956 Britain decided to open the door that closed off Southern Sudan. After a few years, Sudan was “ready” for a central government. However, this government wasn’t as fair to the South as it should be. image
  • Nimeiri Becomes President in Sudan

    Nimeiri Becomes President in Sudan
    Nimeiri became president and The Democratic Republic of Sudan was established. However it is not really a “democratic” republic. He got rid of all the parties that were against him. That is why he was elected president.
  • End Of 1st Civil War

    End Of 1st Civil War
  • Oil is First Discovered in Sudan

    Oil is First Discovered in Sudan
    When oil was found in South Sudan, the people thought that it would make them crazy rich, but they could not be more wrong. North Sudan seized all the oil and used it for its own benefits. (ppt)
  • SPLM/A is Created

    SPLM/A is Created
    The main rebel group in the South, Southern People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), was created during the second Civil War, which happened because Nimeiri introduced Sharia Law to Sudan and forced everyone to obey it. (ppt)
  • Major Famine in Sudan

    Major Famine in Sudan
    In the year 1983, a major drought hit southern Sudan. That means that people could not grow the food that they need. So, many families were hungry. President Omar Al-Bashir also did not send any food as it would just aid the enemy, an action that has caused lots of controversy. (ppt)
  • Omar Al-Bashir Becomes President

    Omar Al-Bashir Becomes President
    President Omar Al-Bashir overthrew Nimeiri in 1989. Many people agree that he is worse than Nimeiri. Some things that happened will he was in power was: he got rid of the constitution of 1985, eliminated all other political parties that were against him, and filtered all the press and media. Although we was voted in again as President in 2005, many groups claim that the votes were unfair.
  • Darfur Conflict Starts

    Darfur Conflict Starts
    In Darfur (western Sudan), lots of fighting happened between the rebel groups and Sudanese Northern government. The cause of the fighting was because many people were being mistreated. In response to this, the government has hired the Janjaweed to kill off rebels. Sometimes, innocent people are killed as well. (ppt)
  • ICC Declares Genocide in Sudan

    ICC Declares Genocide in Sudan
    Omar Al-Bashir is now wanted by the ICC for genocide in Sudan. However, even though they began charging him in 2009, he has not been arrested yet, 4 years after that. Omar Al-Bashir denies all claims about his acts against humanity, and a member of his political party even called it “ridiculous” (
  • South Sudan Gains Independence

    South Sudan Gains Independence
    Southern Sudan gained independence in 2011. People celebrated the peace because they are no longer fighting, only at the borders. South Sudan is the newest country in the world as of right now. (