Sudan through the years

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  • Oct 30, 1093


    Sudanese culture combines Nubian and Arabic elements. THey took bth of the beliefs and cultural aspects and formed them together. When they were later divided, it dhwed that the black Africans were in the south (Christians) and the arabic (Muslims) were in the north. Class article.
  • Jallaba group

    In the early 19th century, the "Jallaba", a group of northern muslim traders from Ja'aliyyin and Danagla of the Nile valley, came to South Sudan. They formed an important source of slaves. Class article
    Class article.
  • Conquered

    Sudan was conquered by Ottoman, Egypt and Turkey. Muhammad Ali of Egypt sent 4,000 troops to invade SudanLed by Ali's son Hussein, Egyptian forces conquered the Sudan, extending Egyptian control along the Red Sea coast, and as far south along the Nile as modern Uganda, then known as Gondokoro. Class article and
    (Wars on Modern Egypt)
  • Revolt

    Sudan revolts against the Turco-Egyptian administration. They did not want to coperate on what the invaders said. They were revolting against against militarization, human rights atrocities, poverty, corruption and fundamentalism. Class article. and
  • Invasion from the Brits

    Britain invaded Sudan, they took over all of north and southern sudan, bringing influence and religious beliefs. Class article.
  • Division into zones

    Division into zones
    Until the late 1800's, Sudan was divided by the Bahr-al-Arab and Bahr- al- Ghazal rivers into 2 zones. Northerners followed christianity, and they were privileged. They were told to make political parties and groups, the south were not. From the class article. Picture description: It is telling that because the division of sides had split. The south was unpriveledged and did not have food. The vultures were waiting for them to die. Class article.
  • Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower
    In 1890 the Eiffel Tower was completed. This was a major event in the world history.
  • Yellowstone- first national park

    Yellowstone- first national park
    After a concerted effort by conservationalists, a vast area of Wyoming and Colorado was set aside to become Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone marked the first concrete action by the federal government to preserve parts of the western wilderness, which was rapidly being settled.
  • Period: to

    British colonization

    The british colnization lasted quite a bit f timespan. It included when the british took over, and turned the north and south against each other. The north became priveleged rather than the south. This was exploitation.
  • Pacification

    The pacification campaign by the british used military force against those who did not believe the british as their saiors. (This included the first aerial bombing) Class article.
  • Southern policy

    The "Southern policy" was established to halt the secret slave trade, and limit penetration of northern influences. They kept it on the dwon low so neighboring countries such as Chad, or Ethiopia did not find out. This was exploitation. Class article.
    Class article.
  • Closing districs Ordinances

    A series of laws, the Closed Districts of Ordinances placed tight cntrol on access to the south, many places claimed they needed "protection". Class article.
  • Night of long knives

    Night of long knives
    On the night of June 30th, Hitler eliminated embarrassing friends and foes alike. Seventy-seven people were executed, including SA leader Ernst Roehm, General Von Schleicher and his wife, former premier Gregor Starsser, a radical Nazi, and Erich Klausenere, a prominent Catholic.
  • Abandoning the policy

    The Southern policy was abandoned after the Juba conference, the chiefs agreed with the north to make Sudan united. Class article.
  • South- unprivileged

    South- unprivileged
    The south saw the "Sudanization" only effecting the north in benefits. They were not represented at the Cairo Cnference on self rule, because they had no party organization. The north had a party organization. Class article. This picture shws that Sudan was sinking because of the division, and not getting resources. They are being stripped f basic rights so they cannot obtain south sudan. Class article.
  • Civil war

    The commencement of the civil war begins. It began becase of the invasion from the British, and the rebels formed to defend. Class article.
  • Independence

    Sudan gained its independence, there economy remained unstable, and they did not recieve too much relief, but they did just get out of 17 years of civil war. Class article Class article.
  • The second civil war

    The second civil war
    In january 1983, the second civil war had begun in Sudan. It began because when souther soldiers mutinied rather than follow orders tranferring to the north. Class article.
  • Shari's law movement

    Shari's law movement
    The Shari'a law was incorporated into governments legal system. It gave amputtions for theft and public lashings for alchol possession. Class article.
  • Nimeiri overthrow

    Nimeiri overthrow
    The economic situation, the war, politial depression, and collapsing economy caused Nimeiri to be overthrown. Class article.