A Long Walk To Water

  • Salva Chapter 1 Southern Sudan

    Salva lives in South Sudan with his Mom, Dad, 2 sisters and 3 brothers. His family herds cattle and his school is thirty minutes away. South Sudan and North Sudan are at War. There was fighting going outside his school and he ran.
  • Salva Chapter 3 Southern Sudan

    Salva left the barn and saw a woman who was from the same tribe as him so he went to her and she gave him food. Then Salva told her about the gun shots at her school and how she lost her family. The Old lady had to leave because the dry season was coming. There was a group of people who walked toward the barn from the same tribe.
  • Salva Chapter 4 Southern Sudan

    Salva joined the strangers the old lady gave him food and water before they went. The group walked and they joined another group with DInka and Jur-chol tribe members. Salva was hungry so he stopped with a young man named Buksa. Buska found honey.
  • Salva Chapter 5 Southern Sudan

    Salva found a beehive to eat for the tribe. The group kept growing and one night salva made a friend.
  • Salva Chapter 8 Southern Sudan

    Salva landed on an island with fisherman which fed him and uncle. Salva said he was never hungry at home because they owned cattle and Salvas dad went to the market for mangoes and other food. Salva was swarmed by mosquitos all night and got no sleep.The hardest part of his journey was going to be the Akobo desert.
  • Salva Chapter 10 Southern Sudan

    Some of the people that were frozen were revived by some water. Uncle told Salva that he would bring him to the refugee camp and then he would go back and fight the war. Men with guns approached the group and they looted and took there clothes. They took Uncles gun and shot him and killed him.
  • Salva Chapter 11 Southern Sudan and Ethiopia

    Salva showed perseverance because everyone he knew was dead, Marial and Uncle and it made him stronger. Salva started walking faster but he was not treated fair no gave him food and everybody thought he was to young.
  • Salva Chapter 2 Southern Sudan

    Salva ran away from his village and found a big group of people. In that group there was people from his village and Salva stayed with them. The rebels found the big group and took the men and left the rest of the people to die. Salva stayed with the people from the village and then his group left him.
  • Salva Chapter 6 Southern Sudan

    Salva met his Uncle who had a gun and he joined the group and became a leader figure for the group. Uncle had shot a topi and they feasted. Salva ate so fast he puked all night and they kept walking until one day they stopped to rest and when Salva woke up Uncle said Marial is gone.
  • Salva Chapter 7 Southern Sudan

    Salva is very worried about Marial and then Uncle said we are going to the Nile and we would cross it and then cross the desert to Ethiopia. Uncle said they would build boats to cross the Nile. They used reeds to build the boats. Then they started to cross the Nile.
  • Salva Chapter 9 Southern Sudan

    Salva is dealing with character vs nature he is walking through the dry deserted Akobo desert with his group. Salva stubbed his toe and he walked very slow. Salvas Uncle guided him step by step.
  • Salva Chapter 12 Itang refugee camp, Ethiopia

    Salva is in the refugee camp going day by day and the women with the orange head scarf was not his mom.
  • Salva Chapter 12 Itang refugee camp, Ethiopia

    Salva is now 17 years old now. He is still in the camp and now people are trying to move people out of Ethiopia into Sudan and they have to cross the Nile which has crocodile at this time of the year.
  • Period: to

    Salva Chapter 13 Ethiopia-Sudan-Kenya

    Salva ran away from the camp after he heard the gun shots he went across the Nile a boy was clinging onto him and got shot. Salva became the leader of group of 1500 boys in Sudan and began walking to Kenya. Salva then gave everyone a job they took one day at a time. The group finally made it to Kenya after a year and a half
  • Period: to

    Salva Chapter 14 Ifo refugee camp, Kenya

    Salva is now twenty two years old he went from Kakuma camp to Ifo camp. The locals near Kakuma stole stuff from the camp. In Ifo there was not a lot of food. Aid workers came to the camp that spoke English. The Irish aid worker began teaching Salva to read and speak English. There was a chance of going to America for Salva only for healthy orphans were allowed to go. Salva was allowed to go and he was chosen to go to New York.
  • Salva Chapter 15 Nairobi, Kenya-Rochester, New York

    Salva shows perseverance by going on two long flights Kenya to Germany then Germany to New York City. Salva met his new family there were four kids and then a mother and father. Salva was nervous that his family would not be there but they were. He also did not know a lot of English in a mainly English country. Salva felt cold for the fist time in his life.
  • Period: to

    Salva Chapter 16 Rochester New York

    Salva has learned a lot more English. Salva also started to go to college for business. Salvas cousin emailed him and said his father was getting surgery in Sudan. It took months to arrange the travel plans to get to him. He finally go to the hospital.
  • Period: to

    Salva Chapter 17 Southern Suadn and Rochester New york

    Salva met his father and found it his mom, one brother and his three sisters were alive, his two other brothers died from the war. He also found out he can not go to his old village because of the war. So he went back to New York and statrted raising money to help people in Sudan.
  • Nya Chapter 1 Southern Sudan

    Nya is a girl who lives in Southern Sudan. Who is bringing a plastic container somewhere.
  • Nya Chapter 3 Southern Sudan

    Nya got to the pond there was people birds and cows. Nya took a cloth and folded it into a doughnut the put the gourd of muddy water on her head. She then began to walk home.
  • Nya Chapter 4 Southern Sudan

    Nya got home and her mom put the water in three jugs. Nya walks to water every day. She went again today with her 5 year old sister
  • Nya Chapter 5 Southern Sudan

    During the dry season Nyas family moved to a camp by a lake. where she had to dig in the ground for water.
  • Nya Chapter 6 Southern Sudan

    Nya went to the lake for the dry season with her family and made a camp. Nyas older brother and her dad and her mom is worried they will get killed by Dinka tribesman.
  • Nya Chapter 7 Southern Sudan

    Nyas sister has become sick and her uncle knows of a doctor a few days of walking and they have to decide to go to the doctor or wait for her to heal.
  • Nya Chapter 11 Southern Sudan

    Nya does not understand why they are digging because there was no water and when they began digging it was very dry in the hole.
  • Nya Chapter 2 Southern Sudan

    Nya put her container on the ground and stepped on a thorn and tried to the the thorn out with another thorn
  • Nya Chapter 8 Southern Sudan

    Nyas family walked to the clinic and cured Akeer they said her disease was because of dirty water. The doctor said boil the water before drinking it. Nya was worried that she could not drink the water after her walk to the pond because she did not want to get sick from the pond water.
  • Nya Chapter 9 Southern Sudan

    People came to Nyas village in a jeep and talked to the village chief. Nyas brother Dep said they were talking about water.
  • Nya Chapter 10 Southern Sudan

    The men in Nyas village might be surveying the land for water. They also might be part of a group that helps people get water. The men might want to make a new pond.
  • Nya Chapter 12 Southern Sudan

    I think Nya is talking about a drill or some kind of equipment she has never seen before. She is referring to it as the "iron giraffe"
  • Nya Chapter 15 Southern Sudan

    Dep explained to Nya that the men would keep digging until they found clean water. He also said the water was muddy because of the old water from the pond.
  • Nya Chapter 13 Southern Sudan

    Nya explained how the men are moving water from the pond to the hole there digging in village and the bag kept leaking. Nya also said the boss of the men joked around with them and persuaded them to work he also sometimes got mad the workers.
  • Nya Chapter 14 Southern Sudan

    The men in Nyas village were digging and all of the sudden water shot in the air and everyone cheered. The water was not the water they were getting from the other pond. Then Nya frowned because she realized the water was very muddy.
  • Nya Chapter 16 Southern Sudan

    Men walked by Nyas house with tools and began to build beyond the second tree.
  • Nya Chapter 17 Southern Sudan

    Nyas dad told her they are building a school.He also said girls can go because there is no need for kids to walk far for water
  • Chapter 18 Southern Suadn

    The well was complete in Nyas village and there was clean water. Then the school finished and eventually a market and possibly a clinic. Nya found out the crew leader was Dinka and she was surprised he helped them. She went him to say thank you and it was Salva.