History of Sudan (Kat)

By Katr
  • Period: to

    Turko Egyption Rule

    PictureMany Sudanese were forced to go the Egypt and didn't survive. Then when Arabic replaced Turkish, the Sudanese started to gain power. In 1885 Muhammad Ahamad led a group of Sudanese to Khartoum and ended the rule of the Turku (Power Point).
  • Period: to

    British Colinization of Sudan

    PictureIn 1898 the British and the Egyptians worked together to colinize Sudan. The British put in law, helped the economy, and created a modern government for Sudan. Then Sudan was divided into two parts North and South (Powerpoint).
  • British Southern Policy in Sudan

    British Southern Policy in Sudan
    The Southern policy was established to separate the North from the South. The British thought that since the South was not as developed as the North, they would just develop the North and let the South be. The British put schools and social services in the South. However, in the North they put in roads. They put in a “closed door” policy; this meant that the Southerners needed a passport to get to the North. (Power Point)
  • Period: to

    First Civil War

    PictureThis civil war lasted for 17 years. Most supplies were provided from Israel and Russia. Israel supplied the Southern rebels. Russia supplied the North with weapons. Nimeiri supposedly stopped the civil war.In 1972 the South and North signed a peace agreement (Power Point).
  • Period: to

    Anya Nya is Created

    PictureAnya Nya was the main rebel group in South Sudan. In 1969 the rebel group made a foreign contact with Israel. They were trained and given weapons for the war. They also stole other weapons from the government group. (Power Point)
  • Sudan's Independence From Britain

    Sudan's Independence From Britain
    In 1946 the “closed door” policy was taken out from Sudan. Then in 1952 the British decided to prepare Sudan for independence. The British set up a modern government. However, only 4 of 800 government officials were from the South. The rest were from the North. They also detested the decision of Arabic as the official language since in the South they mostly spoke English. This meant that they wouldn’t really be able to participate in the government. (Powerpoint)
  • Nimeiri Becomes President in Sudan

    Nimeiri Becomes President in Sudan
    Nimeiri took over in 1969 as president of Sudan in a democratic party. Then in 1971 he eliminated all other parties except for his own. Then in 1971 he won another election and became president again. This happened all the way up in till 1985 when he was over through by Mohammed Taha. Though Nimeiri did a lot of bad he also did a little good for example he ended the first civil war. (Power Point)
  • Oil is Frist Discovered in Sudan

    Oil is Frist Discovered in Sudan
    When oil was found in the South, excitement erupted through the South. The thought of being rich and more development filled their minds. However, that was too good to be true. The North took the oil from the South. The government’s focuses were more on the North the South. The oil was exported from the North and the South got no oil. (Power Point)
  • SPML/A is Created

    SPML/A is Created
    The SPLM/A was out of the rebels in Sudan during the second civil war. SPLM/A stand for Southern People’s Liberation Movement/Army. This rebel group wants to improve the government by getting rid of the Sharia Law. They just want everybody to be welcoming despite religion, gender, color, and ext. (Power Point)
  • Period: to

    Second Civil War

    The second civil war started after Nimeiri came up with the Sharia law. The South came up with a rebel movement “Southern People’s Liberation Movement/Army” (SPLM/A). They were fighting over resources since the South had many of resources. Then in 1989 Nimeiri was replaced by Omar Al-Bashir who is still the president of Sudan. (P.P)
  • Omar Al-Bashir Becomes President

    Omar Al-Bashir Becomes President
    Bashir took advantage of his power as a president. He excluded all other government parties of 1985, and sometimes ignored the freedom of press. In 2005 he was voted president again. Many people thought that it was unfair. The rebel groups violently protested against this fueling another war. Now the International Crimes Court wants him arrested for crimes against humanity. (Power Point)
  • Famine

    The big drought in Sudan during 1989 brought many citizens to their graves. The government refused to help the South Sudanese because they didn’t want the SPLM/A to grow stronger. Other countries also saw how the Southerner’s health was failing so they tried to help. However, they were thrown out of the country. This led to dead crops, a bad economy and lower food supply. Then violence came and left many people dead. (Power Point)
  • Darfur Conflicts Starts

    Darfur Conflicts Starts
    The conflict started because the people in Darfur were being ignored and mistreated. Then the government hired the Janjaweed to kill the rebels. The Janjaweed would kill, rape, send people into starvation, and ext. Some of the other countries tried to help but were expelled from the country. Finally in 2004 America declared the killing a genocide but did nothing about it. (Power Point)
  • South Sudan Gains Independence

    South Sudan Gains Independence
    Now, after Africa’s largest civil war has ended South Sudan is an independent country. South Sudan getting a lot of oil from the North after gaining their independence. They started exporting the oil after they were free. In 2012 they had to stop due to sharing oil revenues. Now they are back to exporting oil. They are one of Africa’s least developed countries. (Power Point)