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Recent Sudan History

  • Turko-Egyptian Rule of Sudan

    Turko-Egyptian Rule of Sudan
    (1821-1885 )
    Muhammad Ali, leader of the Turko-Egyptian forces, conquered Sudan in 1821. At that time, Sudanese people were forced to cultivate cotton and was heavily taxed. This cause thousands of people to leave Sudan and go to Egypt. Many Sudanese died trying. The Turko-Egyptian introduced Sudan to Arabic culture and language, one of the few benefits of their rule. (Slideshow)
  • British Colonization of Sudan

    British Colonization of Sudan
    Great Britain and Egypt was working together to overthrow the Sudanese government. They succeeded, and colonized Sudan. This colonization increased trade and created a modern government. Britain also created the Southern Policy, which split Sudan in half and contributed to the future civil wars. (Slideshow)
  • Britain’s Southern Policy in Sudan

    Britain’s Southern Policy in Sudan
    Great Britain created the Southern Policy, and divided the North and South. This policy made it so that North and South differentiate greatly in culture, language, and power. Most of the developments (roads, government, etc) were given to the North, and not the South. This made it so that the North had WAY more power than the South, and so would try to take over the South when the British left. This would cause Southern Sudan to create a resistance force and therefore causing a war.(website
  • Start of 1st Civil War in Sudan

    Start of 1st Civil War in Sudan
    The south was very angry that the government language was Arabic, as they spoke English, and would not be able to join. Only 4 of the 800 government officials were from the South. The South did not want to be ruled by the North, so they started a rebellion that lasted for over a decade. Both sides used foreign contacts to acquire weapons and men. Many rebel groups were created. Thousands were killed or left homeless in the war. (Slideshow)
  • Sudan’s Independence from Britain

    Sudan’s Independence from Britain
    Sudan began to fight for Independence in 1938. In 1952, Britain and Egypt started to prepare Sudan for independence. They chose to make Arabic the language of the central government, which was based in the North. The South resented the fact that North had so much more power, and was afraid that the North would take over. (Slideshow)
  • Nimeiri Becomes President in Sudan

    Nimeiri Becomes President in Sudan
    Gaafar Mohammed Nimeri overthrew the current government and made himself president. By eliminating all opposing parties, he was successfully voted in again and again. Therefore, Nimeiri was, in fact, a dictator. He was the president who ended the 1st Civil War. (Slideshow)
  • 1st Civil War Ends

    1st Civil War Ends
    In 1972 the 1st Civil War finally came to an end when the leader of the Anya Nya and the Sudanese Government. The peace agreement was called the Addis Ababa records. The day they signed that was celebrated as National Unity Day. (Slideshow)
  • Oil is First Discovered in Sudan

    Oil is First Discovered in Sudan
    Oil was discovered in South Sudan and everyone was very excited because they thought they were going to be rich. But then the North took advantage of the situation and based in the refinery in the North, along with the exporting and selling of the oil. This denied the chance for Southern Sudan to develop and reduce poverty. So basically, Southern Sudan discovered the oil, but Northern Sudan stole all the benefits.
  • Start of 2nd Civil War in Sudan

    Start of 2nd Civil War in Sudan
    The 2nd Civil War in Sudan was more like a continuation of the first than a new war. It started because President Nimeiri created the Sharia Law and ignored parts of the 1972 agreement. (Slideshow)
  • Major Famine in Sudan

    Major Famine in Sudan
    A major drought caused a massive crop failure. This resulted in thousands of people starving to death. Many outside aid agencies tried to help, but they weren’t allow to enter the country. Furthermore, the Northern government refused to send help or food to the South, which caused violence to start . (Slideshow)
  • Omar Al-Bashir Becomes President

    Omar Al-Bashir Becomes President
    Bashir was the president who abused the freedom of press and (like Nimeiri) eliminated all opposing political parties and was voted in over and over again. He is wanted by ICC for genocide against Darfur and other crimes against humanity. (Slideshow)
  • End of 2nd Civil War in Sudan

    End of 2nd Civil War in Sudan
    The second civil war finally ended when both sides signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005. This civil war left over 2 million people dead and 4 million displaced (homeless). Almost 2 million Sudanese people were killed. (Slideshow)
  • Southern Sudan Becomes Independent

    Southern Sudan Becomes Independent
    Southern finally achieved independence in 2011 and became the newest country in the world. A formal independence ceremony was held and everybody celebrated. However, small fights are still breaking over the border, and may cause violence later. (Website)