The History of Canada

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  • 1713 Treaty of Utrecht gave much of Canada to Great Britain from France

  • Period: to

    The Seven Years War

    A seven year war broke out in Canada, between the French and Great Britain, it effected many other contries and continents, Europe, Africa, India, North America, South America, and the Philippene Islands. Great Britain wanted to rule Canada. It lasted through 1756-1763.
  • 1759 The British won the Battle of Quebec

    The Battle of Quebec includes James Wolfe. But what happened to James Wolfe was that Benjamin West killed him. All this happened in Quebec,Canada.
  • 1763 treaty of paris was signed

  • Quebec Act

    On june 22 paliament of great Britain in Canada signed the Qebec act,it gave French Canadians control on Quebec because French Canadians that stayed wanted to be independent
  • The War of 1812 between the U.S. and Canada

    The war was fought between the U.S. and Canada. It was fought at sea and on the frontier which ran along the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River from 1812 to 1815. It was fought because of trade restrictions, insuls to the U.S.'s national honor, and many more reasons.
  • In 1837 Louis Joseph Papineau organized a revolution in Lower Canada.

    In 1837 a person named Louis Joseph Papineau organized a revolution in Lower Canada.
  • Canadian leaders form a union

    From September 1st,1864 to July 1st,1867. Canadian leaders George Brown, George-Etienne Cartier and John A.Macdonald formed a federal union of the colonies in Canada at different conferences in Charlottetown, Quebec, and London (England).
  • British Parliament accepts the British North American Act

    On March 29 1867 the British Parliament accepted the British North America Act
  • 1867 Canada buys the Northwest Territory

  • 1885

  • Gold and valuable minerals are found in the Yukon territory

    In the Yukon territory gold was found by 3 canadians who name are Jim Mason, Tagish Charlie,and Seattleite Gorge in Yukon city. Within six months approximately 100,000 gold seekers set off for the yukon trip. Only 30,000 completed the trip
  • 1914

  • 1939 canadiens fight in world war 2

    In 1939 canadien airforce , army,navy fought in world war 2 in Italy , north europe , north atlantic .
  • 1969

    Canada became bilingual in
  • 1976 french canadians want to be independent

    Frensh Fanadians want to be independs from Britain. They did not want to be control by great Britain in qubec in canad
  • 1982 Canadians adopt a new constitution

  • 2002 queen elizabeth2 celebrates her 50th year as monarch