The French Revolution and Napoleon

  • Fall of the Basille.

    A parsian mob of some eight tthousand men and women in search of weapons streamed todars the Basille.
  • Revolutions broke put throught France.

    paesants took place throughut france and became part of the great fear, a vast panic that spread quichly through France in the su,,er of 1789.
  • Declaration of the rights of a man..

    Reflectiong Englimet throught, the declaratiom went on proclaim freedom and rights for all men, acces ro public affice based on talent, and an end to exemptions from taxation.
  • Abolish of the Monarchy.

    National Convevenction's first major step was to abolish the Monarchy and establish a republic, the French Republic.
  • French Republic.

    The first day of the French Republic
  • Henry De Firmont.

    Henry De Firmont reportes on the major event of January 21.
  • A nation in arms.

    To save the republic from its foreign enemies, the Committee Of Public Safety decreed a universal mobilization of the nation.
  • Robespierre wins.

    Many deouties in the National Convection who feared Robespierre decided to act. They gathered enough votes to condemn him, and Robespierre was guillotined.
  • Mexico's Independence Day.

    A crowd of local people attaked Spanish authorities in a small village North of Mexico City.
  • Northway recieved the constitution.

    People celebrate Constitutional Day as a national holyday.
  • The troops went over to his side.

    Napoleon made his entry into Paris in thriumph.
  • The final Defeat.

    Napoleon met a combined British and Perussian army under Duke of Wellington and sufferend a bloody defeat.