The French Revolution

  • King Louis XVI getting married

    King Louis XVI getting married
    Marie was 14 and king Louis XVI was 15. They had an arranged marrige. Marie was from Austria and King Louis XVI was from france. They where married by proxy in Augustine chuch in vienna.
  • King louis XVI becoming king

    King louis XVI becoming king
    King louis XVI's father died on May 10th 1774. He was 36. King louis XVI was 20 years old, the next inline to be king. He was not at all prepared to be king. He made his own rules for the army. He never really tried to help his country with money problems and made many things worse.
  • Marie antoinette killed

    Marie was treated very badly while in "jail". She had always been hated by the people of france. When the day came for Marie to die, all her hair was cut of, and she was very unrecognizable. She was taken down the streets of paris in a jail cart, it was open so she could hear all the horrable things people said. She arrived at the guillotine and had her head cut off.
  • national assembly being created

    national assembly being created
    The national assembly took place on June 17th to july 9th 1789. On May 5th the estates general was called to deal with France's financial crisis, but things soon fell apart. The 3rd estate felt they where not treated the same and decided to meet seperatly. The king did not like this and tried to stop them but failed .
  • Tennis court oath2

    Tennis court oath2
    the tennis court oath was a result of growing disconlent of the 3rd estate. The 3rd estate didn't think they where being treated fair so they moved to a diffrent room to meet. King louis XVI didn't like it and tryed to stop them by locking the door, but they 3rd estate went to another place that was similar to a tennis court. They sware to continue meeting until the D.R.M was finished.
  • Bastille being attacked

    Bastille being attacked
    It was half past 3. The people of France stormed to the bastille in search of gunpowder and prisoners taken by the unpopuplar King louis XVI. The bastille had been preapring for an attack for over a week.
  • Creation of the declaraton of the rights of man

    Creation of the declaraton of the rights of man
    The representative for the french people decided to come up with the D.R.M because he felt that there should be equal rights for everyone. he wanted everone to remember there rights and duties. The people had to make the D.R.M in a "tennis court" because king louis XVI locked them out of there original meeting place.
  • Royal family trying to escape

    Royal family trying to escape
    King louis XVI wanted to try and escape because he hated being treated as a prisoner in his castle. He also hated losing his power, so he thought he could escape paris and gather forces in northeast of france. But that failed when the people found out he and his family left, so the people began to look out for them, and they where soon cought.
  • Napoleons army

    Napoleons army
    napoleons army was a very strong one. Napoleon was one of the greatest generals ever. He made all the right decisions and conqured maney places. He left his realatives in charge of those places he conqured. Every place he conqured the ideas of enlightenment would spread.
  • france going to war vs. austria/prussia

    france going to war vs. austria/prussia
    France went to war with Austria and prussia because they where helping the King and Queen planning to escape. France did not want this because then the King and Queen may be able to gain their power back. The war lasted from 1792-1797.
  • King louis XVII

    King louis XVII
    although the monarchy had been disabled king louis XVI's nefew had made his way to king. He tried to take down napoleon and did he orderd his army to kill napoleon but they refused, and killed the king instead.
  • KIng being killed

    KIng being killed
    That night King louis XVI was going to be killed he spent it saying good bye to his wife nd children. The king rose at 5 and by 8 he was taken off to a 2 hour drive to the place of his death. The king tryed to make a speech but nobody wanted to hear it so they quieted him by screaming and the sound of drumbs playing. Soon after he was killed.
  • Reign of terror

    Reign of terror
    the reign of terror was a one year period where over 40,000 frencn-men where killed because they where accused of treason or not believing in the new constitution. Robespierre was the man controlling everthing and all the terror. He wanted to continue with the terror because he wanted their enemys to fear them.
  • Robespierre being killed

    Robespierre being killed
    Robespierre was liked very much by the french people. He helped them in lots of ways. Robespierre never ment to increase the terror in france but did. Also he made a list of people to kill and didnt tell anyone. They put him to death in July of 1794.
  • Napoleon bonaparte becoming french leader

    Napoleon bonaparte becoming french leader
    Napoleon overthrough the french government in 1799, he was only 30 years old. Napoleon made all the enlightenment ideas laws it was called napoleon code, and that made him very popular. Napoleon was an execllent general which also made him popular with the french people. But other monarchs hated him.
  • Napoleon defeated

    Napoleon was defeated in 1815. And he was sent to exile on the island of Elba. He swam back to France and is captured again and sent to exile for good on the island of St. Helena in southern Atlantic.