Tashanna Masayesva, Mario Diaz, Kenny Doyle

  • 16th c. Napolenic War

    16th c. Napolenic War
    Engulfed all of Europe
  • 1806 Spanish were allies with the French

  • 1807 Portuguese declared war on England

    Napolean Invaded Portugal
  • 1808 Independence Began, Spanish king was imprisoned by Napoleon

    Spanish king imprisoned by Napoleon.
  • 1810 Creole conspiracy, sparked rebellion of Indigenious and mestizo Peasants

    Father Hildalgo reason of conspiracy by preaching to defend Mexico against the Peninsular authority.
  • 1811 Earthquake of Venezuela

    Earthquake in Venezuela was a sign of divine disaproval , llaneros caused plantation owning revolutions in caracas
  • 1813 Father Jose Maria Morelos declared outright independence

    Independence for an end to slavery and caste system
  • 1815, Father Jose Morelos was executed

  • 1819 Bolivar army controls capital of Bogata

    Bolivar army surprise the Spanish forces from behind
  • 1820 Spain had its own rebel revolution

    Spanish Liberals forced Fernando VII to restore the constitution.
  • 1821 Triumphant Iturbide became monarch of Mexico City

    Victory over Guerrero which everyone was expecting Guerrero to win.
  • 1822 Viceregal Bogata fell to Bolivar

    Bolivar forces also caputured Caracas and Quito , now controlling all of South America
  • 1823 Brazil Independence

    Brazilian Party achieved its goal while maintaining a social hieerarchy that kept slave owning elite in charge
  • 1824 Bolivar Liberates Bolivia and Ayacucho,Peru