Sudan vs The North

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    sudan vs the north

    they were fighting over oil and the north has it but is not sharing with the south. there fore , the south is dieing and has no food and being very un healhty.
  • North & South Sudan Working

    North & South Sudan Working
    south is not working toether and they dont have the same clothes and they were from different kinds of soso
  • Pacification

    they used militry force the earliest earliest bombing
  • Oli of Sudan

    Oli of Sudan
    they need oil and they feel oil is a right in there country and they really need it and they dont have because of the north
  • Wolves attacking sudan

    Wolves attacking sudan
    the wolves represent poverty , violence , famine and the boy represents christian and they are very slim and they are trying to kill the little sudan chid. & the boy has a less chance in living

    South sudan dont really , have any say so they have to follow the dirctions of the soliders or they will be killed or be turnd and shouved into a slave
  • Pacification

    british not as thier saviors from slavery but as a new wave of invaders
  • South & North Sudan

    South & North Sudan
    the north has so much more than the south because the north has oil , and the south doesnt so they are struggling. and the north has so much more than the south of sudan
  • Pacification

    british conducted a pacification campaign in southern sudan and the nuba mountains.
  • The Death of Sudan

    The Death of Sudan
    the kids are dieing because they have no food and no drink and they have no medical help or anything so some are slowl dieing .