Sudan Timeline

  • Sudan Gains Independance

    In February 1953, the United Kingdom and Egypt concluded an agreement providing for Sudanese self-government and self-determination. The transitional period toward independence began with the inauguration of the first parliament in 1954. With the consent of the British and Egyptian Governments, Sudan achieved independence on January 1, 1956, under a provisional constitution.
  • Abboud Coup

    Abboud Coup
    General Abboud leads military coup against the civilian government elected earlier in the year
  • Civil War

    Civil war begins in the south, led by the Anya Nya movement.
  • Abbud Overthrown

    The "October Revolution" overthrows Abbud and an Islamist-led government is established
  • Oil discovered in South Sudan

    Oil discovered in Bentiu in southern Sudan
  • Sharia's Law imposed

    Sharia's Law imposed
    President Numeiri declares the introduction of Sharia Islamic law.
  • Second Civil War Breaks Out

    Civil war breaks out between Northern forces and Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA)
  • Second Civil War Breaks Out

    Second Civil War Breaks Out
    Civil war breaks out again in the south involving government forces and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), led by John Garang.
  • New Constitution

    New constitution endorsed by over 96% of voters in referendum.