1820: Sudan is conquered by Turkey and Egypt.
  • The rebelion

    1881: Rebellion against the Turkish-Egyptian administration
  • The invasion

    1882: The British invade Sudan.
  • Islamic

    1885: An Islamic state is founded in Sudan.
  • Bristh rule

    1899: Sudan is governed by British-Egyptian rule
  • Independece

    1956: Sudan gains independence
  • The civil war

    1962: The civil war breaks out in the southern (mainly Christian/African) parts of Sudan
  • People of sudan

    October 1964: People of Sudan rebels. The military junta falls after a communist general strike. A national government is formed.
  • execution

    1971: Leaders of the communist party are executed for attempting a coup against Numeiri
  • Peace

    1972: A peace agreement is signed in Addis Ababa. The southern Sudan achieves partly self-governance.
  • usa attack on sudan

    1998: USA launches a missile attack on a chemical plant in Khartoum assumed to develop chemical weapons possibly in coorporation with the Al'Qaeeda terror network. Civilians are killed in the attack. The Sudanese government denies any link to terror and chemical weapons
  • NEW consittion

    1998: A new constitution in Sudan.
  • oil export

    1999: Sudan start an export of oil assisted by China, Canada, Sweden and other countries

    March 2001: Hunger and famine in Sudan affects 3 million people.

    August 2001: The Nile river floods leaving thousands homeless in Sudan.
  • goverment and spla comes to agreement

    July 20th 2002: the government and SPLA signs a protocol to end the civil war
  • First time meet

    July 27th 2002: President al-Bashir meets for the first time with SPLA leader John Garang. Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has arranged the meeting. The war in Sudan is also having huge impact on the northen Uganda.
  • un agrees

    March 15th 2005: United Nations Security Council agrees to send 10,000 peace keeping soldiers to Southern Sudan. Again the descision does not cover the Darfur region.